Kagame, standing with Netanyahu is worse than Adolf Hitler. Do Jews and America care?

According to the Jewish news outlet Haaretz, an African mass killer worse than Adolf Hitler would be speaking at the upcoming Jewish AIPAC meeting in Washington DC this 26-28 March, 2017.

Would President Donald Trump allow Vice-President Pence to speak on the same podium with the man who has the blood of hundreds of thousands of Rwandans, the blood of millions of Congolese, and the blood of white religious and non-religious workers he has slaughtered in order for him to take and maintain power in Rwanda and to take over and control the Democratic Republic of Congo?

The African Hitler’s name? Paul Kagame! In fact, he told his people he didn’t care if he was called Adolf Hitler

The evidence? Israeli and American intelligence agencies Mossad and CIA have enough evidence for the world to pick up Paul Kagame today and charge him with the Rwandan genocide and the Congolese holocaust. But, politicians and businesses who delve into making money without ethics or morals just like the countries and companies that enriched themselves during the European and Jewish holocaust under Adolf Hitler, regardless of his victims, whether they were white and Jews in the 40’s in Europe, likewise they do not care today about the innocent who’ve been slaughtered by Kagame, whether they are Rwandans, Congolese, or white in Africa.

Take the BBC investigative documentary titled “Rwanda, the Untold Story”. No one can watch it and truthfully not equate Kagame with Hitler or worse, or even shake Kagame’s bloody hands, from Netanyahu to Trump to any Jewish or non-Jewish leader, to any simple citizen. On the DRC, a short documentary titled “Crisis in the Congo, Uncovering the Truth” gives one the idea.

The question is, whose idea was it, in the first place, to invite the African Hitler to speak at a Jewish conference?

Are American Jews selling their Jewish soul for bloody Congolese gold, diamonds, coltan, oil, gas, etc. that Hitler Paul Kagame is helping Jewish companies get by clearing Congolese landscape of its population through mass slaughter of men, women, and children and mass gang rape so that these companies can, then, access these mines?

There is an investigative report called The Mapping Report of October 1, 2010 collecting dust in the drawers of the UN… All that the New UN General Secretary Gutteres or even Donald Trump as the leader of the Free World has to do is to order that this report be investigated and the charges will be brought against the criminals who include Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, and “Joseph Kabila” as mentioned in the 15th paragraph of the AP story on the Mapping Report.

Paul Kagame is an uncommon mad man worse than Hitler in that, from 1990 when he wrestled the leadership of the Tutsi Rwandan Patriotic Front in Uganda to today, he has been killing all of his fellow Tutsis who were leaders, who threatened his leadership, or those Tutsis, leaders or simple soldiers, who had carried out his murderous missions no matter where these people run away or went to hide… Additionally, Kagame, after invading and occupying the DRC, has undertaken a Satanic-like wiping out of Congolese and giving Congolese identities to Rwandans in order for them to take over the governing of the DRC and sending Rwandans as Congolese all over the world to either represent Rwandans instead of Congolese interests or to receive asylum, as in America, as Congolese.

Paul Kagame, like Hitler, run crematories beginning in Rwanda (Gabiro, Nasho, Masaka, Nyungwe, Kami, Gitarama military barracks and Mukamira) onto the DRC burning both Hutus and Tutsis who were killed by him. Who provided this evidence? Paul Kagame’s personal body guard for 10 years, Second-Lieutenant Aloys Ruyenzi, who escaped three assassination attempts in Rwanda before he ran away and now lives in hiding somewhere in Europe.

The head of the Rwandan military intelligence, Colonel Patrick Karegeya (assassinated by Kagame) and the former Rwandan ambassador to the US, Major Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa (now in hiding from Kagame’s assassins), have well testified about Kagame’s crimes and murders.

Where are the world’s investigative media, democratic governments, and the United Nations pledge of “NEVER AGAIN”? Blackmail, corruption? Or is the “Never Again” pledge ONLY applicable to Jews? Is that why to AIPAC an African holocaust or genocide does not matter?

Questions to AIPAC and to our world today… The evidence given above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Paul Kagame’s crimes. He who has been called “the world’s worse criminal in office today!

During the Republican primaries, candidate Donald Trump said that “this guy Museveni of Uganda belongs in jail”. Museveni and Kagame have been partners in crime in Uganda, in Rwanda, and, now, in DRC… So, the question is whether the Trump administration is going to become Kagame and Museveni’s partners in crime in Rwanda and in DRC?

AIPAC, on the other hand, needs to just decide the righteousness of their inviting the African Hitler to speak in Washington DC… The God of the Jews and the God of righteousness and the God who says, He is NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS is watching…

International expert and consultant on Africa, historian, scientist, author, and lecturer.



  1. Thank you Ngemi for your articulated summary about the madness the World most powerful men are sinking in denying what is so obvious!
    As you said, only God is watching and we got faith that He’ll sort it out sooner than later.

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