Fellow Rwandans,

On behalf of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda and on my own behalf, I would like to thank every Rwandan who voted for me. You demonstrated much love for our manifesto and you believed just like me, that there could be some improvements and changes on what has been done in this country. You all have given me more courage and confidence to continue a more democratic struggle for our beautiful country.

I also wish to take on this opportunity to thank the national congress of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda which nominated me in March 2017 to be their flag bearer, and the very brave campaign team, party members and my family who overwhelmingly offered their total support to me throughout the campaign period. I would also want to thank the National Electoral Commission, the media, security organs and other government institutions which played their role to ensure a peaceful electoral process.

As you know the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda had a rough start, but we never lost hope. Our campaign was good, well organized and we invested in our resources and energy as much as possible. Although we had a few challenges at the beginning, we were finally able to reach every part of the country as we had planned. It was indeed a healthy learning process and we will use this experience to make DGPR an even stronger party.

The preliminary results of the 2017 presidential elections were indeed not pleasing as we had expected, however, as a democrat, I would like to take on this opportunity to congratulate the RPF candidate, Paul Kagame for the victory and wish him all the best.

I argue all Rwandans who unreservedly supported us to remain calm, united and peaceful as we move forward together as a nation.

Finally, I call upon the National Electoral commission to rectify some of the obstacles we encountered during the campaign. These include: some local authorities who were not cooperative and the hindrances to our election observers/party agents.

Long live the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda

Long live Rwanda,

May God bless you all.

Dr. Frank Habineza

Rwanda Presidential Candidate 2017