Brussels, October 7th , 2018

Our political organisation ISHAKWE – Rwanda Freedom Movement welcomes the release of political prisoners Diane Shima Rwigara and her mother Adeline Rwigara on 06 October 2018 after more than a year in maximum prison. We encourage her to remain faithful to her dignity and courage that have been an inspiration for many in Rwanda and Africa.

The detention of the leading critic Ms Diane Rwigara and other political prisoners was a travesty, designed only to silence and intimidate all Rwandans. It is instead the dictator Paul Kagame and his sycomphants who should be in prison for acts of genocide, war crimes and other crimes against humanity.

The western world praising the Rwandan tyrant over the passage of some political prisoners from maximum prison to restrictive detention forgets that those people are innocent, only arrested because they tried to oppose the ruthless rule in a presidential electoral mockery.

The pressure should continue until the polical space is open, and other key political prisoners  are free i.e. Deo Mushayidi, Dr. Theoneste Niyitegeka, Sylvain Sibomana, etc…

We call upon President Paul kagame to ensure that the release of all political prisoners is unconditional so that they may recover their political and civil rights, their freedom of movements and free speech without restriction.

We wish her strength, courage and health as she confirms her leadership and dedication.

Sixbert Musangamfura
Secretary General
Ishakwe – Rwanda Freedom Movement