Here is your chance to support Karasira Aimable, and let him and other brave Rwandans know that they do not stand alone!

Aimable Karasira is a Rwandan former lecturer at the University of Rwanda. He has shown extraordinary courage in the face of one of the worlds worse dictatorial regimes, opted to speak out against what he sees to be injustice even at the risk of his own well being. On top of all the harassment that he has faced from the regime, he has now lost his lecturing job as a result of his courage. We want Aimable and others like him to know that they are not alone in their quest for justice, equity and peace in Rwanda, and so here is your chance to support Mr Karasira financially to cushion the financial loss that he has incurred. Join other Rwandans who have already been supporting Aimable and do your part.

All the money given on this platform will be transferred directly to Mr Karasira through means that we have obtained for the money to reach him.