Tactless, shoddy and unpatriotic decisions by Kigali Government

It sometimes is not easy to distinguish dream from reality, the real from the unreal, and the genuine from the false. Things we see or hear of may appear or sound as spurious stories, but what a humongous surprise at learning that THEY ARE ACTUALLY TRUE EVENTS AND STORIES.

A question: Is H.E. Murekezi’s recent letter number No457/03.0 released on april 28th, 2017 bogus, false or genuine? Is Murekezi’s government becoming the citizens’ final TERMINATOR and The true KILLER of his own political regime, which may fail to survive the consequences of its continued slight treatment of the mature people that Rwandans are?

Never take Rwandans for granted! If they do not publically protest or shout, it’s not that they are stupid or 100% deactivated by fear, or under total control of the reign of terror that prevails in the country. NO. They are just giving you chances to redress, adopt reasonable manners and cooperate! The truth is that One day, they will show what they are capable of! And on that day, lions will be feared by Rwandan babies no more, TERMINATORS will be terminated themselves and fear will be cast out of Rwandans hearts for good!

What is happening is frightening: unexplained very frequent deaths and assassinations of citizens, countrywide spreading starvation, countless contradictions in government declarations and policy making, ever growing mismanagement of government affairs and of the public funds, sagging sales (exports) and unstoppably dwindling poverty alleviation resources and willingness, deteriorating diplomatic relations with neighboring countries, growing arrogance in the state diplomats and leaders’ official speeches, sustained efforts to oppose truth-telling as regards Rwanda history, criminalization of the speech freedom right exercise by the citizens, tendency to nourish the culture of life presidency, indoctrination of the youth and cultivation of hatred in the young citizens towards other Rwandans living outside the country instead of teaching love, politically motivated imprisonments, fear of fair and free presidential elections, … all this tells that Rwanda government is the Terminator who terminates and suppresses the chances of Rwandans to receive light, life and love. It finishes the hopes, kills the hearts and destroys the nation’s future.

Back to HE Murekezi’s instructions to prevent rwandans from giving their properties/houses for rental to those who have the means to rent, Dr David Himbara sumarises the situation in these words “Kagame just shot himself by starving the people he has to govern!”, which means the government is now killing not by agafuni (old brand) or shooting/bombing/burning properties and citizens (more modern way) but by denying life and the basic rights to those it needs to govern! It has gone beyond killing the poor citizen alone, and is now also set to kill banks and Insurance systems, and ultimately the government revenues as a direct consequence!

The country’s leadership, knowingly or unknowingly, tends to force Rwandans into a light-free zone and a life-free mode existence, hoping it will easily get along with it. Instead of setting the stage for improvement and correctly reading the needs and aspirations of the people of Rwanda, the past government failures have inspired or constituted the new Rwanda authorities governance/leadership paradigm consisting of maintaining the reign of terror, misappropriation of public funds, cooking government figures and reports, cooking police investigation reports …, a political philosophy known in Kinyarwanda under the general term of “GUTEKINIKA”.

As we see things evolve, it is difficult to tell whether what is going on is real or dreamlike? It is indeed incredible but true: till when? … time will tell!

P. Bamara