The 4 Best Midfielders In The EPL

Who Are The Best Midfielders In The EPL

Midfield might be the most important position on the whole football pitch. Midfielders start off attacking plays and act as on-field generals, keeping the offense and defense working smoothly. Let’s look at the 4 best midfielders in the EPL! And don’t forget to check out live soccer odds to maximize your payout for your next EPL bet.

1. Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne is a big reason why Man City is almost unbeatable. De Bruyne has amazing passing skills, is deceptively quick, and can slot goals from a long distance. His ability to set up his teammates for easy goals is legendary. If De Bruyne is playing well, then Man City is unstoppable.

2. Bernardo Silva

Bernardo Silva is an incredibly elegant and smooth player. He finds it effortless to dribble past defenders and find opportunities for his teammates. His dribbling is like art. No wonder Man City are so good, they have two of the best midfielders in the whole of the EPL and probably the world!

3. Fabinho

Fabinho is an amazing Brazilian midfielder! The Liverpool superstar is a nightmare defensive player who effortlessly wins possession and is able to quickly read the game and shut down the opposing team’s attack. Gary Neville called him simply “the best”.

4. Declan Rice

At just 23 years old, it looks like Declan Rice is the next big English football superstar. The West Ham player has more skill than he knows what to do with it. He is an extremely strong tackler, is always first on the ball, and never stops hustling. We expect him to make a big impact at the next World Cup!

Final Thoughts

A team can not succeed in the EPL without very strong midfielders. So it is not surprising that the best midfielders all play for top clubs. Keep an eye on De Bruyne, Silva, Fabinho, and Rice in this EPL season and see if they can live up to their hype!