The best safety products for companies that use chemicals

Chemicals can be found in early every workplace from hospitals to industrial environments and even at the hairdressers! And so whilst we cannot escape the prevalence of chemicals, there are products that can be used to increase the safety around them.

Keep reading to find out the best products that your company can use to increase safety around chemicals.

Spill kits

When a chemical or substance of any kind begins to leak, you may find yourself with disastrous consequences. These could range from harmful impacts on the surrounding environment and wildlife, to damaging your stock and storage systems.

Spill kits are an essential safety product that you can easily store on your premises. They work by effectively mopping up the spillage of a chemical or hazardous substance to keep everyone in your company safe. There are different types of spill kits including oil spill kits, chemical spill kits and general use spill kits so choosing the right one for the type of substances you have is important.

Bunded pallets

IBC bunds (also known as bunded pallets) are strongly recommended in areas where chemicals or hazardous substances are stored. They are also suitable for use where non-hazardous liquids are stored to catch any drips and prevent any leaks.

The main benefit of an IBC bund is to collect any chemical leaks and safely store them in a bunded sump. This makes them essential for complying with certain health and safety regulations concerning the storage of hazardous liquids.

Labelling and maintaining equipment

Signs and labels reinforce safety and serve as a constant reminder of specific handling, use, and disposal procedures and this applies to any equipment that you have on-site.

The person responsible for health and safety within your company must take the importance of labelling and identification seriously. Trip hazards can be clearly marked, machinery can be flagged as being dangerous or as posing a risk to people and all objects that have passed internal compliance processes should be clearly labelled to provide peace of mind to employees.


The correct personal protective equipment should be provided and worn by anyone dealing with chemicals. As an employer, you need to provide a suitable size and fit for all employees to allow them to deal with chemicals safely.

It’s also important to note that some types of PPE may not be suitable for use with all substances. For example, certain types of gloves may not be resistant to all chemicals so it’s vital to double-check and ensure the appropriate equipment is offered to staff. 


The importance of first aid signs cannot be underestimated in the workplace – especially where chemicals are used. In the event of an accident, they can help to inform, guide and protect anyone who is in the area.

There are certain signs that have been designed specifically for chemical safety and are usually red or yellow in colour to indicate a warning or a hazard. These could include: 

  • Flammable 
  • Corrosive 
  • Oxidising 
  • Toxic 
  • Caution 

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