The CNDD-FDD Party condemns Rwanda over its neocolonial purposes for having implemented the plan of Burundi occupation

The 26th summit of the African Union Heads of State has proven that they have understood, Burundian People is deeply indebted to them

  1. Since May 2015, Burundi has been objet of a series of Heads of State meetings at the East African Community level, the African Union and the United Nations as well. A particular attention has been made for that country since it was under surveillance of the International plot of the Europe, America and Rwanda. Whenever those great blocs have gathered be it in the May 13th,2015 summit held in Dar Es Salaam , be it in the summit of the East the African Community Heads of State held by May 31st2015 in Tanzania, be it the African Union session that took place in Johannesburg on June 13th ,2015etc, be it many other meetings of the United Nations Security Council and the actual 26th summit of the African Union Heads of State held from 30 to 31st January 2016 in Addis Ababa, entities constantly backing Burundi have been noticed quite often for the country to freely get out of the political and security situation in the strict respect of the independence and the national sovereignty .TheCNDD-FDD Party takes this opportunity to solemnly thank those Heads of State, the regional and sub regional organizations, the United Nations , which have proven to have understood Burundian problematic through the resolution 2248 dated November 12th , 2015 despite   many negative interferences ;
  1. As the Burundi saying makes it clear, ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’. The CNDD-FDD Party acknowledges that different countries and their people have concerns in their respective countries and relies on that availability to have accompanied Burundi and helped it cross hard moments, specifically closing   the 26th Summit of the African Union Heads of State by a noble and encouraging decision for Burundian People to go ahead in its step to the inter Burundian dialogue ;
  1. The CNDD-FDD Party does not forget to condemn other countries and international organizations including European media for their neocolonialist behaviors witnessed against the CNDD-FDD Party and its government in place .The mafia political unrests through the African , American and European networks have unveiled   themselves in their plan to destroy the young Burundian democracy , seeking to put to the power putschists governments. Three times putschist, Pierre Buyoya wishes he came back to the throne for the 4th time, under the growing tandem of G7 and G10 .Unlucky enough for him, there was calmness, patriotism, the nationalism and the attachment of Burundian People that have shocked back the bomb of evil on time before the blast . The CNDD-FDD Party thanks all the Bagumyabanga   et non Bagumyabanga that have not betrayed its core values , keeping the togetherness and unified behind the CNDD-FDD Party;
  1. The CNDD-FDD Party condemns Rwanda over its neocolonial purposes for having implemented the plan of Burundi occupation so as to lead the country through an ethnical vision which Paul kagame would have used as he had done it during the period of FPR Inkotanyi . The Burundian democrats remind him that if there had been no complicity and the politico –military support of the MINUAR, the FPR -Inkotanyi would have never taken the power in Rwanda and Paul Kagame has made use of genocide, sacrificing his own brothers to take the power. It is what he wanted to do in Burundi, while outrageously overusing the word genocide as experienced in his country  ;
  1. It is also unbelievable that the aggressor KAGAME has never been blamed by organizations such as the African Union, the United Nations , the European Union and other international organizations and that on the contrary, most of those organizations and States have not done nothing but connived, imposing him an international force. Burundian People cannot be mistaken taking into consideration   what MINUAR has done to help Kagame take the power. KAGAME wanted and want to apply the same experience he has lived in his country. He has created a rebellion under the blessing of some politico- mafia settings among others Louis Michel, and his friends to bring back the G7 and the G10 of Buyoya to the power by the cheating of a putsch and a government of transition. Therefore, the dangerous use of the word genocide and ethnic are nothing but shields for those pseudo nostalgic politicians with bad ideas ;
  1. Those who have schemed the genocide as a trade funds have failed and have rapidly changed the strategy ,stating  mass graves as new trade funds. Once again, Human Rights Watch and International Amnesty through international media outlets using their high technological means have aired lies arguing they have seen mass graves in Burundi newly discovered by satellite   with a view to not accepting the defeat. Still, the genocide has not taken place, a context that was expected to speed up the deployment of the foreign troops. The same sources producing the same lies affirm that there are plans underway to destroy Burundian people. On December 17th,2015, Pierre Buyoya and his team shouted   that a genocide was underway in Burundi, Kagame   was applauding to have found good genocide pupils . That is therefore   the re- boosting of the same network with ideas of holocaust in mass graves. Why do they make fabrics as a mode of government? It is worth to mention that Burundian history is marked by stories of mass graves   while the country has the Independent National Human rights Commission and the Truth and reconciliation Commission, the only organs competent to handle the mass graves issues. Nobody else has the prerogatives to tackle it;
  1. On the other side, the European media outlets were highly used by the mafia political settings among whom Louis Michel   , using Bernard Maingain and France 3 as sound boxes to shout that the genocide was underway. The same genocide has been graciously reiterated by Louis Michel and Marguerite Barankitse at their December 17th, 2015 press conference in Louvain La Neuve. Furthermore, a fantastic idea of MAPROBU   is dead born in the mindset of Nkosazana Dlamini -Zuma and Chergui to deploy 5000 troops so as to submit the democratically elected institutions. This is the understanding of Burundi democracy by the African Union , starting by its representative in Bujumbura Mr. Ibrahim Fall , that does not dare blame Rwanda for having aggressed Burundi but rather encourages that neighboring country in his ethnical domination strategies;
  1. The CNDD-FDD Party takes its courage to   express once again its gratitude to those brave people and African Heads of State that have acted as the Rwagasore Louis, Ndadaye Melchior, Kwame Nkurumah, the Nyerere Julius, the Nelson Mandela, Mouamar Khadafi, to name but a few who have challenged the neocolonialists ideas to promote the independence and the People’s sovereignty and the mutual support and the coalition of states that head to the same direction   under the Panafrican idea longed for nowadays;
  1. The hereby statement would not be closed without thanking the Bagumyabanga who have expressed their indefectible support to their CNDD-FDD Party, the National concord and Unit. Nothing would triumph over such a cohesion and the result of the 26th Summit of African Union Heads of State are your proper results. To the national defense and security forces, the CNDD-FDD Party reiterates its heartfelt gratitude. Your sacrifice comes in addition to those of all democrats; dead or alive, to say that the results of the African Union Summit heads of State spring from what you have endured as difficulties.

Done in Bujumbura, on February 2nd, 2015

Honorable Pascal NYABENDA

Chairman of the CNDD-FDD party