By Gakwerere

On 18th/06/18, oppressed Rwandans woke up to news that all the machines of Premier Tobacco Company Ltd, a company owned by the Rwigara family had been auctioned to MM & RGD Company Ltd owned by a well known broke ass dude in town – Olivier Udahemuka, at an auction winning price of around $ 2,089,535.43 USA dollars.

What oppressed Rwandans need to know.

1) By the time of the illegal auction, MM & RGD Company Ltd had just been registered with Rwanda Development Board three weeks before the day time robbery took place. Therefore, this fronting company was created for merely to grab the wealth of orphans which where illegally auctioned under fabricated cases; and the Kagames used one of their town boy agent to shamelessly rob these orphans.

Who is Udahemuka Olivier?

1) He is a tutsi genocide survivor, and 100% sopecya (born and raised in Rwanda). The Kagames had to use someone with such profile in grabbing the wealth of another tutsi genocide survivor in order to divide opinions within tutsi genocide survivors. It wasn’t an up hazard move for criminal Paul Kagame to front Udahemuka Olivier as the face of the robbery.

2) He is a National Intelligence and Security Service agent, operating around Kigali and the surroundings. In Kigali, he uses the property letting dealings as a cover for his intelligence work. He is known in town as
“commissionnaire” of houses. He didn’t/doesn’t have either an office or known business address. His deals are done on phones or meeting up in cafes/restaurants/bars.

All over a sudden, on 18th/06/18, he turned up with $ 2,089,535.43 USA dollars to buy the illegally auctioned tobbaco manufacturing machines. Where did Udahemuka Olivier, overnight get the money? Did the banks in Kigali loan him the money? I highly doubt this, because banks carry risk assessments and practical assurance have to be placed as security against such huge loan. Who financed him? Totally no sober Rwandan would pour such amount of cash on an illegal event – auction.

Those, who for years have been trying to grab Premier Tobacco Company Ltd from assassinated owner – Assinapol Rwigara, are the people behind Udahemuka Olivier. Oppressed Rwandans know how the Rwigara family have been the culprit of their wealth. Their legally obtained wealth has brought deaths, incarceration, torture, exile and suffering to their door step, at the hands of greedy – 57 kg skinny dictator.

3) Udahemuka Olivier is a son inlaw to assassin Gen karenzi Karake. Oppressed Rwandans, I don’t need to remind you the ruthlessness of Gen Karenzi Karake. Thank God, after his usefulness, criminal Paul Kagame dumped him. Udahemuka Olivier married the daughter of Gen Karenzi Karake’s sister.

4) For those who want to know, the name of Gen Karenzi Karake’s niece is Amanda and her mother who is General Karenzi Karake’s sister – her name is Schola but around Kigali she is known as Nalongo because of having twins, a kind hearted mother/woman. She currently works at king Faisal hospital.

Like his father – inlaw Gen Karenzi Karake, Udahemuka Olivier has tarnished his name for merely serving criminal Paul Kagame. He will totally get nothing out of this day time robbery.

As noted in my previous post, The tobacco machines grabbed from Premier Tobacco Company Ltd, with others which arrived in the country from China, will be transported to Rubavu where Inyange Industries has finished a huge tobacco complex where a new tobacco company will be starting.

All is set, the complex is finished, technical team composed of Indians and a CEO who once worked for Tribert Rujugiro in South Africa have been in the country to kick start this new Kagame family project.

For Udahemuka Olivier, since his role is already done, don’t be shocked if he is assassinated in order to cover any future evidences and tracing. With criminal Paul Kagame, once your role is done, he flushes you to the dustbin.

For example, when Mzee Bertin Makuza’s role was done, the old man was given a one way ticket to the graveyard. When Mucyo Jean de Dieu’s role was done, he was given a one way ticket to the graveyard. When Col Steven Ndugute’s role was done, the greatest military strategist was given a one way ticket to the graveyard. When Col Charles Ngoga’s role was done, the quiet and thoughtful officer was given a one way ticket to the graveyard. When Dr Emmanuel Gasakure’s role was done, the lovely medical doctor was given a one way ticket to the graveyard.

When Col Alexis Kanyarengwe’s role was done, the political strategist was given a one way ticket to the graveyard. When Col Kayitare Vedaste’s role was done, the most popular military commander was given a one way ticket to the graveyard. When Annonciata Mutamuriza, famously known as Kamaliza’s
role was done, the popular and much loved RPF cadre and singer was given a one way ticket to the graveyard. When Col Wilson Rutayisire’s role was done, the P.R guru was given a one way ticket to the graveyard. When Gen Dan Gapfizi’s role was done, Kagame’s sycophantic military officer was given a one way ticket to the graveyard………..etc.

Trust, no one who won’t be caught by criminal Paul Kagame’s wrath, it’s a matter of time. Don’t be shocked to hear the wrath has knocked at Udahemuka Olivier’s door step.