The Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) are freedom fighters

FDLR are freedom fighters. Like many other armed and unarmed groups working hard to bring down Kagame’s oppressive, bloody junta, FDLR has my support and I encourage them to fight for their rights no matter what Kagame and his lobbyists say FDLR stands for.

Whether any superpower country supports Kagame’s bloody junta is immaterial. Victory is coming, and very soon. Like the South Africans defeated the apartheid regime which some superpowers initially supported, Rwandan freedom fighters will defeat Kagame and his reign of terror notwithstanding his Western supporters.

I call upon all people of good will, friends of Rwanda and all Rwandans to realize that until all Rwandans engage into an open dialogue, we shall continue to have Kagame’s manipulated narrative of the massacres that took place in Rwanda. Kagame and some of his assassins massacred the Hutu and Tutsi to create terror and chaos throughout the country when it had a predominantly Hutu government. It’s well documented that some Hutu massacred the Tutsi and Hutu too.

Blaming the Rwandan massacres on that Hutu government after it was defeated – as Kagame propaganda goes – is an absolute lie. It’s possible that some FDLR members perpetrated some crimes during the Rwandan massacres, but it is ridiculous to identify them as the sole perpetrators of the massacres of perhaps as many as a million people or more.

Rwanda needs a social-political environment where all parties will become part of their healing process – through dialogue – where there will be justice for all. Kagame’s junta does not create that environment.

Long live all Rwandan freedom fighters. We must bring an end to Kagame’s reign of terror.

Charles Kambanda is a Rwandan American attorney in New York City. He is also a former official in President Paul Kagame’s government. He can be reached at [email protected].