The rwandan intelligence services are looking for EX-FARs to blame for killing the three Spanish humanitarian workers.

While the arrest of General Karenzi Karake continues to make headlines in the Media Worldwide, the Rwandan government is somehow surprised by the detention of General Karenzi Karake; however, it is not just doing something about that, rather! It has sent the people on the street to protest: workers were forced to leave their jobs, students and pupils were forced to leave their school and some of the people have placed their mattresses in front of the UK embassy determined to leave there when “KK” is released!

I can therefore, not miss to say that we have learned that some of those who have refused to join others to protest were charged a 2.000 Rwandan francs fine; no one knows whether is a way of collecting money to pay KK bail or Mrs Blair and the KK’s defense team. Infos from Rwanda claim that now people are being asked to raise money (1,2 billion Rwandan francs to cover KARENZI KARAKE bail)  12o million has already been pledged by the Private Sector (PSF) through  “Agaciro Kacu Campaign” .

Meanwhile General James Kabarebe, Rwandan Minister of Defence, also concerned by an international arrest warrant from the Spanish justice cancels his trip to Germany and Turkey that was scheduled July 19-22, 2015!

Beside collecting the more than 1 milliard Rwandan francs for Karake’s bail that granted him a house detention in UK, now there is an ongoing spin strategic plan of high category.

The Rwandan have learned, from former soldiers who were in the FAR and/or FDLR that DMI (the rwandan militaly intelligence services) is looking for those who might be trained for the Karake’s alleged war crimes so that they can appear in front of Media be in Rwanda or Worldwide claiming that they are the ones who killed and/or they were among the attackers that killed those three Spanish nationals whom Karake is allegedly accused of killing; or claim that they know what really happened at that time. We are still doing our investigation on those who are planning this spin strategy; meanwhile, do not be surprised in case you see General Rwarakabije or one of the soldiers who came with him appearing in the Media claiming that he knows someone among them who killed those Spanish nationals.

Meanwhile, I would remind you that those Spanish nationals who were killed in Ruhengeri; were working for a non-profit organization Medicus Del Mundo. They were killed after taking pictures of bodies and remains of people who were killed by soldiers in what was Nyakinama municipality, some of those soldiers came from EGENA led by Evariste Kabalisa, Firmin Gatera and other high ranking soldiers.

After finding out that those Spanish nationals took picture of what they saw; a meeting to invent the DMI’s drama to killed them and pin it to rebels at the then time was organized; the informations we have is that the attack was led by Justus Majyambere, Evariste Kabalisa and other soldiers. I would as well like to remind you that at that time, DMI was led by Lt Gen Karenzi Karake.

Something else that people should know is that those three Spanish nationals were along with their American national colleague who were not killed maybe because those who received the order, were ordered not to kill that American for fearing US. For some unknown reasons,  the US has been avoiding to get involved in this or raise the issue, maybe the US made some kind of deal with the Kagame regime.

For those of you who know how the Rwandan government operates; you do know very well that no one; be in the RPF or RDF that could have engaged in killing those three Spanish nationals and leave an American behind and get away with it, if it was not blessed by Kagame.

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