Over two decades have gone by while Rwandans are suffering the cruellest patterns of dictatorship under the political yoke of KAGAME-RPF System!

Unshaken dictatorship has generated fear, distrust, panic, suspicion and despair among Rwandan people to such extent that a husband is no longer trusting his wife, a father fears his son and friends can’t get straight to the point while talking about the country’s political life.

This dictatorship-related syndrome has infected Rwandan politicians and opposition parties in exile. The would-be liberators of the masses do not trust each other and there seems to be a continual counter-opposition race among themselves! Yet, such behaviour amounts to folly because it has nothing to do with the common goal we all share which is to bring down dictator Paul Kagame and restore our country to good governance and lasting peace!

We know well that Kagame sends his operatives to rise chaos and create divisiveness among his opponents abroad, and these operatives disguise themselves into party members. But if experience remains the best teacher, Rwandan freedom fighters should fly beyond Kagame’s pesters and do the due thing.

Recently a rebellion of FLN sabotaged security in the South of Rwanda and this served as the unparalleled opportunity to check on the abilities of the opposition to topple the Kagame dictatorship. Many opponents opposed themselves to FLN’s guerilla and others published writings falsely declaring that the daring exploits of FLN belonged to them.

Now it’s high time to put down our differences and come together to achieve desired change, genuine reconciliation and solid unity in Rwanda. If CNRD, RRM and PDR Ihumure have intertwined their forces to create FLN, let FDLR, RNC, FDU Inkingi, PS Imberakuri, Ishema Party, PDP Imanzi and so on either proceed together or separately providing that their target be one: To overthrow the current antidemocratic government of the RPF. You cannot expect to earn victory out of conflicting forces. Even if Rwandan opposition parties can’t sum up in a single party, they should reckon that their common agenda is to bring democracy in our land of birth cost what it may!

Any Rwandan opponent who fights against another Rwandan opponent is an accomplice of the KAGAME-RPF System and deserves to be fought like an enemy.

Jean Rukika 
London, 31/08/2018