When we talk about the evolution of gambling, gaming and casinos we talk about their history, how they started, when they date as far back to. We also look at the changes and trends, how they have moved from one phase to another over the years. This article looks back at each of them; gambling, gaming and casinos, and gives us a clear trend and the evolution that has taken place in each aspect over the years. 

The history of gambling dates back to 2300BC in Ancient China where there were “book of songs” in Chinese which made reference to “drawing of wood” which suggests that they were forms of gambling like tiling, also there were forms of keno slips which dates back to 200BC. This showed some early forms of gambling Ancient China. Also in the 16th century, in Italy and France, there were forms of gambling in games like baccarat, blackjack was also introduced through a Spanish game called Ventura, not until casinos were introduced in 1638, Ridotto was established in Venice then later in the 19th century gambling spread all through US , Europe and other parts of the world. Places like Las Vegas, Nevada became the core center of gambling in the US. Macau in China is also another city that is known for gambling. 

If we talk about gaming, I can relate gaming as early as the 70s, before it was first like a pastime activity but now the gaming industry has been transformed to a massive industry with lots of investment opportunities, especially with the advent of Esport and other gaming tournaments. Also technology has been a major driving force behind the transformation happening in the gaming industry, we see trends from early games like tetris, snake to the current trend where we have games like Splinter Cell, God of War. Also graphics quality, consoles have greatly changed overtime. The earliest form of gaming console was Magnavox Odyssey which was invented by Ralph Baer. Now we have many consoles like Xbox, PS4 etc. We also have a generation of arcade games, all these make up the evolutionary trend in the gaming industry. 

The history of casinos starts from the word “casino” which is an Italian word which means little houses. These houses usually were places where people would come, gather and party. The so-called little houses over the years have transformed into gambling clubs and casinos. Before gambling and casinos were limited to specific physical locations and places before one could play or gamble on his or her favorite game but now there are all types of online casino games. Also on whichever location you are, you can have access to online gambling sites and play your favorite games from the comfort of your home and also in the hands of your pocket without any stress or stoppage. 


  • Earliest Forms of Gambling 

First evidence of gambling was discovered in China as far back as 2300BC. Where tiles were uncovered which showed drawings that represented games of chance, also in 200BC Keno slips were discovered to have been used. Then the next evidence is early gambling was associated with Greeks and Romans, they loved to gamble and brought about ideas like lotteries. 

  • Moving Forward

Fast forwarding we had Baccarat as the first and earliest game being played in casinos around the 1400s in Italy and France. From the 17th century the modern form of blackjack was introduced and they were also different variants being introduced.

  • Introduction of Gaming Room

Gaming rooms known as casinos came into existence in the 17th century with the first being “Ridotto” in 1638 in Venice, Italy. It was to allow people to have annual gambling events, from there the popularity of casinos and gambling spread out throughout every part of the world.

  • The web came around

From 1900, with Microgaming coming up with development of online gambling software, the gambling companies embraced gambling online with millions of people having access to Smartphones, tablets, PCs. Gambling sites sprung up online and offered all forms of gambling on digital platforms. brought about different gambling sites like Kingbilly  offer casino slots games online for your gaming experience


  • Do you know about the first casinos?

The first casino was opened in Venice, Italy in 1638. It was called “Ridotto” and was owned by the government. It was popular among locals but was closed in 1774 by Georgio Pisani with the idea that gambling was not fit enough for the city.

  • How did casinos Grow over the years?

After the opening of Ridotto and its consequent closure, casinos started becoming popular across all of Europe in the 1800s, also in North America people embraced gambling in Saloons. In 1931 in Nevada gambling was legalized after 21 years of ban and it took advantage of it, and the city of Las Vegas became a place where people moved in from all areas just to gamble. It is known as the capital of gambling up to this day.  For example, a best casino sites no wagering requirements offer a large selection of games where the player can relax and cheer himself up. This type of online casinos is very popular in various countries around the world.

  • Present day casinos

Online casinos has been introduced and it has created a new platform for gamblers to safely gamble online with the digitized platform, there is a lot of online casino gambling sites like kingbilly CA which offers you a platform to gamble on your favorite games like video poker, blackjack, baccarat etc. the online platform has also given people all over the world access to numerous options by online casinos. So everyone gets a fair share of gaming opportunities and they can do this even with their real money with the hope of having a big payout in 6 to 7 figures.