The future generation will certainly have an intense lesson in history

On June 24, I opined on this page that the greatest story of Brexit is the the likelihood of Donald Trump in the White House, Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson at 10 Downing street, Marine Le Pen at Elysse Palace and Vladmir Putin at the Kremlin.

The world order in which these four pull the global strings guiding us all 6+ billion people, will go down in history as the most defining moment of this century; and the only country to benefit is Russia (and China to a lesser extent).

The future generation will certainly have an intense lesson in history: “The Day Populism Ruined Global Superpowers.” You can as well add on the list France’s National front leader Marine Le Pen, Dutch’s Geert Wilders (leader of Party for Freedom and immigration minister), Italy’s Mateo Silvani and Sweden’s very own SD.

I am certainly no fan of the Clintons. Both Hillarly and Trump are wolves. That the two are the best Americans can offer the world; that they represent the best of America, is dishearetening to say the least. Now that we have Brexit rolling on and Trump in White House, and the prospect of many like-minded spread across different centers of global centers of power, the only hope left is the people Trump will chose to surround him with plus the resilience of US institutions.

It will be the US experiment, not Donald, on trial. I still have hope in America. Without this resilience, Don’s rapproachement with Russia, his views on the EU, his trade and immigration views, will certainly plunge the present international order in chaos. That said, not all is lost.

Some of us still have hope in America.

Didas Gasana