The great Shigetatsu Matsunaga

Shigetatsu Matsunaga is a real character in Japanese football history. Feel free to visit the website to start making wagers on the best footballers from this part of the world.

He was a solid goalkeeper who had a career between 1985 and 2000. He spent the entirety of his career in his home country, playing for teams like:

  • Yokohama Marinos;
  • Tosu Futures;
  • Brummell Sendai;
  • and Kyoto Purple Saga.

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An impeccable career

Matsunaga caused an immediate impact after joining the Yokohama Marinos. He was key in helping the team to win the 1985 edition of the Emperor’s Cup. He would remain on that team for 10 years until 1995. Don’t forget that you can also place football bets on, where the Yokohama Marinos and other Japanese football sides are always featured.

It was also during this period that Matsunaga began to be closely observed by those in charge of the Japanese national side. Eventually, he was chosen for the national side for the 1st time back in 1988. Almost immediately he became the 1st choice goalie for the squad, delivering solid performances in many competitions. Some football bets can be placed on 1xBet, where the Japanese national side is present too.

Later career

Shigetatsu Matsunaga would remain as Japan’s 1st choice keeper until 1993. During that period he lost his starting position to Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi, who would become a legendary goalkeeper in his own right. Yet, he would still perform on some occasions when Kawaguchi was unavailable. Don’t forget to watch 1xBet live football and see how the Japanese national side is performing.

Unfortunately for Matsunaga he never played in a FIFA World Cup. There was a huge chance that he could have been one of Kawaguchi’s backups in the 1994 tournament. However, and almost tragically for Japanese football fans, their national side was eliminated from the competition in the very last qualifying match. In fact, this match is so traumatic that it got its own name from the Japanese, who call it the “Agony of Doha”. These qualifying matches are also featured at the live football section of 1xBet, where you can watch and enjoy them.

Back at home, in 1995 Matsunaga left the Yokohama Marinos and joined the Tosu Futures. Then, he would also have some brief spells at Brummell Sendai and Kyoto Purple Saga. He eventually retired from the game in 2000, but he would start working in coaching roles almost immediately thereafter.