Both First ladies are married to “the new breed of African dictators” that has killed thousands of their countrymen in an orgy of ethnic cleansing.

•Both are first ladies in countries that are gripped in fear because of the lack of freedom of expression, lack of media freedoms, lack of human rights, bully states and police states.

•Both women are known to wield considerable power in their respective countries and are known to pull strings behind their equally powerful husbands to the extent of appointing key figures both in Government circles and private enterprises, they have also instigated the jailing and killing of opponents to their Governments.

•While Azeb Mesfin is a Parliamentarian and heads the business conglomerate of the TPLF(EFFORT), Jeannette Kagame’s husband runs the RPF conglomerate TRISTAR with impunity and unaccountability much to the dismay of party officials many of whom are hostage to their party.

Azeb Mesfin

•Both first ladies run the HIV-AIDS initiatives in their respective countries which are known to be beneficiaries of the Bill Gates Foundation, donor aid..etc Funds from such initiatives find their way in their countries electoral commissions ensuring their husbands 99% of the vote or diverted in pet projects.

•Both first ladies are highly unpopular countrywide and within their political parties despite their husbands trying to impose them on party faithfuls.

•Both first ladies have an uncanny relationship with their countries intelligence chiefs, something that has not endeared them to the general public or party faithfuls or has linked them to unlawful acts!

•Even though both first ladies come from humble beginnings and pretend to be modest, their taste for lavish real estate is known locally. They have mastered the art of making money milking their NGO’s. Both first ladies are immensely wealthy and have stashed Millions in foreign Bank accounts abroad. The source of these funds comes from the various businesses both women reap from locally and internationally. In order to run a successful Business (we mean BIG BUSINESS) in either Rwanda or Ethiopia, one needs to give business shares to either first lady or “front” for her. The glaring example in Rwanda is Joseph Mugisha’s FAIR CONSTRUCTION and Egide Gatera’s RWANDA MOUNTAIN TEA. In Ethiopia it is Samuel Tafesse’s SUNSHINE CONSTRUCTION and Sura of SURA AIRWAYS in Addis Ababa. Both construction firms are given BIG Government contracts to build skyscrapers, highways, dams……

•Both women have cultivated a friendship beyond politics and their respective families visit each other.
Since Meles Zenawi’s death in august 2012 and aid-sanctions imposed on Paul Kagame in Rwanda, the path of dictatorship is hopefully disintegrating and stirring confidence in opposition groups who will definitely take advantage of the fragile situations in both Rwanda and Ethiopia.

My advice to these daughters of Africa, save yourselves further heartache and contend with what you have amassed already, hopefully you will have the chance to age gracefully and watch the sun set in your designer sunglasses!

Source: Anonnymous veterans