The Inyenyeri Newspaper will make ‘no apology’ over Gasana (Kinyoteri) Infidelity Scandal

Eugène Richard Gasana

The Inyenyeri News will make no apology for the coverage of the story that was published on the infidelity scandal of Ambassador Eugene Gasana with Janet Kagame in which one of the Children of the first family Brian Kagame was fathered by Eugene Gasana during the good times between Janet and Gasana

The Inyenyeri news had reported the matter according to its editorial judgment and informed values. No subject, no story, no person and no organisation is off-limits to our journalists. They will follow the facts without fear or favour and present the results of their work to you solely on their journalistic merits, according to their sound editorial judgment and no other consideration.

We shall therefore take no lectures on journalism from any one because we are guided by our principles of impartiality and independence .We are proud to do that which our critics cannot or will not do: to combine journalistic excellence with integrity and farness.


Noble Marara

Editor- in- Chief

Inyenyeri News