The killer of Kigali has succeeded in mass killing because of nationals taxes and aid.

Kayumba Rugema

By Rugema Kayumba

Rwandan government schemes of failing neighbors in lines of scaring investors and tourists are soon to be seen or felt!! I saw with my eyes Rwandan ambassador almost fighting in a meeting which was organized by one of the European country chambers of commerce and East Africa.

In back benches where I was sitting with one researcher who jokingly asked me if our ambassador had soil tests of all parts of her country to convince the investor to go to invest in Rwanda as well? It was fun on my side because you can’t see nudity of monkey before it climbs high!

Diplomats were shocked but it was normal to me because am their product I knew their next move from there.

We had break and it was time to go around taking contacts and selling your products.
Some three policy makers called me on side after seeing Rwandan ambassador attacking me asking me what fdrl has come to do, and bitterly asking me what I was going to write about them but off course my answer was happiness accompanied with a lot of smiles because Rwandan killers and deceptions were being exposed at zero cost!

Policy makers were concerned if I was threatened by ambassador`s statements of which I was off course but not to the level of running out of the conference to go to report.

It is five years when I last talked with some leaders whom I managed to have contact with and I told them about Rwandan integration policy how it was not for good of the region but for undermining her security,tourism and investment both local and foreign.

Rwandan policy of killing her nationals at home and in foreign lands has left countries like Uganda as and Kenya as slaughtering grounds of Rwandan refugees even Ugandans of Rwandan origin.

Such killings has left very big blood stains on human rights images of those countries but even foreigners have not liked it the way locals complained.

Rwandan government has succeeded in that by advancing integration but now it is open disintegration if Rwandan government through her killers can kill even tourists and investors in Uganda.

The regime in Kigali has only one commodity for export which is killing, Congo is ever crying ,Brundi is crying ,Uganda is between the jaws of killers of Kigali to the extent of the regime organizing for the president.

Who is safe in region after integrating with Kigali ,president of Tz was told openly that he will be hit and Burundi was saved by being senior rebel knowing how to hide and the truth is Kigali has killed more than three heads of state in the region and has failed to kill four of them after planning missions so who are investors or tourists to refuse to go to clean Kigali of notorious killer and they live for next tour or to see their investments shinning.

Refugees of Rwandan origin are killed like animals where laws to protect them don’t exist, now Congolese refugees are seeing their war country more safer than abattoir Rwanda.

The killer of Kigali has succeeded in mass killing because of nationals taxes and aid. The world has kept silent of Kigali killer because Kigali is clean though they dont see the grave yards in the country, prisons and neighbors like congo where population bigger than of Denmark was slaughtered by the man they finance with the taxes of their nationals.
Its sad to see more than three millions of refugees flooding in Uganda when the world cant see the cause.

One day one time even Hitler was popular !!