From right to left, Jotham Nsengiyumva is the first brown guy. R. I. P

Last night at 7.20 pm there was heard the noise of bullets at Nyanza Prison behind the ward known as “Delta Wing” where the prisoners from Sierra Leone are detained together with the prisoners charged with crimes of terrorism, especially Muslims and FDLR fighters including Jotham Nsengiyumva and Colonel Gaheza.

According to reliable sources from Nyanza District, Jotham Nsengiyumva was called by Prison authorities yesterday at 4.50 pm and at 7.00 while Jotham was still held by the authorities was conducted to the football field of Nyanza Prison just thirty metres away from the cell where he was incarcerated.

The execution of this prisoner was carried out by the director of Nyanza Prison SP John Mukono aided by the DPC (District Police Commander). Both authorities came together in a patrol car and right away they parked at the football field where the victim was seated in handcuffs. They called one of the warders who were escorting Jotham and spoke to him for a while. They returned to the car and they had no sooner drove away than lots of bullets were fired directly in the chest of the manacled prisoner and he died.

Jotham Nsengiyumva was born in 1992 of Andrew Ntahontuye and Rehab Nyirabagarura. He’s a Rwandan citizen who lived in Rugeshi Village, Bukinanyana Cell, Cyuve Sector, Musanze District, Northern Province. Currently he was in prison over the charges of treason, state security and illegal traffic of weapons.

The circumstances in which Jotham was killed are quite similar to the way ex Executive of Cyuve Sector Alfred Nsengimana was killed in June 2014 when he was taken out of Musanze Prison to be killed at seven kilometers away.

Nobody can say that Jotham found death while he was trying to escape from prison because he was jailed in a high security cell with the guard post deployed very close. Since the day Jotham got arrested, he was always jailed exclusively from others. He never had permission to do sport, to go to meetings except going to the visit and church heavily escorted.

Previously after the escape of Journalist Cassien Ntamuhanga, Assistant Commissioner of Prison in charge of operations within RCS Tom Nkezamihigo visited Nyanza Prison and said that some prisoners would be shot. He said, “Next time when I visit you, I wish to hold a meeting with five corpses lying here in front of us.” The extrajudicial execution of the late comes after a flood of news about the Kigali regime’s satanic plan to eliminate all prisoners, especially those of conscience. It is to be expected that hereafter there will follow mass killings of prisoners as it has been circulating in media. Today the plan has entered into implementation.

Janet Nabyo