The Most Useful Human and Automated Transcribing Services in 2022

The recording of the audio text in letters and numbers is usually called transcribing. That is, sounding speech is transformed into written. Many people need to convert audio and video recordings into text periodically or regularly. Therefore, transcription services are in great demand today. They allow everyone to get high-quality transcripts of webinars, interviews, telephone conversations, courtroom recordings, audio podcasts, and other audio and video files.

What Are the Goals of Converting an Audio File to Text?

There are several reasons why a company or individual needs to transcribe an audio file. Transcription presents a number of benefits, including:

  • Better perception of information;
  • Easier creation of derivative content. There is an opportunity to use content in a new way;
  • Enriched content;
  • Transcription is one of the effective ways to increase website traffic through greater online presence;
  • Greater access to a wider audience, etc.

Ways to Get a High-Quality Transcription Online

If you want to receive a good transcript of your recording online, pay attention that this can be done in several ways. You can either seek help from a professional transcription service, transcribe recording yourself or use automated transcription software. You should choose one of them.

Benefits of Cooperation with a Professional Human Transcription Service

Collaborating with the best transcribers is an effective and reliable way to get online transcription. You may find such experts on the Internet without any problems. For this, just visit the online service Transcriberry, which hires the best talented international transcriptionists. They provide high quality and 99% accuracy of each completed transcript. Professional human service provides the best combination of quality, accuracy, and price of transcription.

Audio Transcription Using Free Online Service

If you do not have a dirty mind and have enough time and energy to perform transcription yourself, you should take advantage of the possibilities of modern online transcription services. They allow you to instantly upload the necessary file, provide a window for entering text with the possibility of its subsequent editing, and have many useful functions. These include speeding up and slowing down the recording, rewinding a few seconds or forward, highlighting certain fragments, underlining misspelled words or phrases, etc.

The advantage of this type of transaction is that it is completely free. As for the transcription quality, it directly depends on your skills. If you have professional transcriptionist skills, you will certainly be able to transcribe successfully, if not, significant editing may be required.

Automated Transcription Service and Its Features

Another way to get content transcribed is to apply an automated transcription service. It allows you to quickly download source files and receive transcriptions in just 10-15 minutes. There are both paid and free automated transcription services. Paid ones provide higher accuracy, approximately 80%.

This method is effective when you need to quickly convert an audio recording to text. It is also useful when you do not need a high-precision transcript, but want to get a draft version. If you need to get more accurate transcripts, it is better to use a human service.

List of Best Transcription Services in 2022

Below we will tell you about a few good transcription services that deserve your attention. Among them are both automated and human services. Choose the one that best suits all your requirements.


The website rightfully deserves the greatest trust of users today. It offers an extensive range of services to clients, the main of which are human transcription services and automated transcription services. That is, there you may find and hire experienced transcriptionists and entrust them with the transcription of your recordings, or get instant transcription performed by automated software.

High decryption accuracy is achieved in every case, regardless of the type of service used. But still, experts perform more accurate transcriptions than software. In the case of using a human transcription service, you can get an accuracy of 99%, and automated service – 80-82%.

As for the speed of work, the experts are ready to provide you with the completed work in about 24 hours, and the software – in just 25 minutes. The cost of transcription is affordable and always pleases customers. Thus, you need to pay about $ 1.25 for a minute of human transcription, and only $ 0.25 for automated transcription.

The reputation of Transcriberry on the Internet is very good. It has many satisfied customers and positive feedback about the quality of services provided. Therefore, be sure that you will not make a mistake if you contact there.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

This is another popular automated speech recognition online resource. It supports eight languages. The program can convert text while achieving an accuracy of 99%. Due to this, it is recognized as one of the best and most accurate software on the market. What makes DNS unique is that it includes voice commands so that users can edit and format texts through voice. At the same time, punctuation marks are placed automatically. DNS is available on a wide variety of devices that support Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

The latest DNS software is available in Home ($100), Premium ($155), and Professional ($350) versions. The possibilities of the professional version are the widest. By purchasing it, the user can quickly and easily import and export the particular custom word lists. In such a way, all necessary words and phrases that are not in the dictionary are added.


Transcribe is another popular automated transcription service that can convert your recordings into text files. It provides a fairly high decryption accuracy (80-85%) at an affordable price. The service can also be used for self-manual transcription by playing the sound file in the software.

The basic package costs $20 per year and $6 for 60 minutes of automatic transcription.


This is a well-known online service that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to convert audio and video files to text. Gglot automatically detects human speech regardless of speed, background noise, dialect, and volume. In addition, it allows you to quickly transcribe audio and video to text in any language. This transcription service is ideal for interviews, video production, academic research, and content marketing.

To get a ready-made transcript from Gglot, you need to follow just three steps:

  1. Download the source file. Various audio and video formats are supported;
  2. Review the transcript and make corrections. After clicking the “Start transcribing” button, you will receive the finished file in about 15 minutes. You should carefully review it and make changes if necessary;
  3. Download transcript. The transcription file can be quickly downloaded to the device using one of the common text formats (Word, PDF, SRT, etc.).

Pay attention that Gglot has low fixed prices and offers you 3 packages: Free, Business, and PRO. The Free package costs $0 per month, but the price for a minute of automated transcription is $0.20 and the maximum file length is 30 minutes. The cost of the Business package is $9.90 per month. A minute of automated transcription in this case costs $0.15, and the maximum file length is 60 minutes. The price of the PRO package is $19 per month. In this case, you have to pay $0.10 per minute for automated transcription, and the maximum file length is 4 hours.

AWS Transcribe

It is a highly scalable speech-to-text service. Its unique feature is the simultaneous analysis of multiple audio formats from files that are stored in S3. Transcription accuracy is very high. Each word has timestamps. AWS Transcribe also has the advantage of being able to stream audio efficiently. A stream of decrypted text is usually provided in real time.

AWS Transcribe easily identifies different speakers. And this is very valuable, since in many recordings there are several speakers at the same time. To get a transcript of an audio that has multiple speakers, you need to specify the number of votes that the program should recognize. In some cases, users provide audio recordings on different channels. So, for example, a customer can be on one channel while a call center representative is on another. In this case, the channel can be used to determine which voice is present. As a result, the user may be provided with a transcript of the two combined channels or each channel separately.

AWS Transcribe provides transcription services in 16 languages, including various English versions. It is powered by the AWS AI/ML platform so it gets smarter over time. When working with the service, you pay only for the resources used. The calculation is based on the number of converted seconds of audio content per month. The AWS Transcribe Free Tier allows you to get started right away. After registration, you receive the unique opportunity to analyze up to 1 hour of content for free every month for the first year of use.


Rev is a useful and reliable audio and video transcription service that employs experienced transcriptionists to provide quality transcription. It is considered one of the best today as provides professional human service while ensuring the highest level of confidentiality. Experts are ready to transcribe the audio in more than 30 languages. The accuracy and speed of work are at a high level. The cost of the work is $0.10 per word transcribed for simple files. If the recording contains background noise, accent, dialect, slurred speech, etc., then the cost of services increases.

Rev deserves the trust of customers and you can really get quality transcription services there.


So, transcription services are very popular today. They are regularly used by students, doctors, businessmen, teachers, marketers, etc. Today it is not difficult to find a transcription website on the net, but the main thing is to choose the most reliable and secure one. All the services described by us deserve your attention. However, Transcriberry is the best place to get both automated and human transcription services of the highest quality.