The MRCD denies the allegations of cooperation with Uganda and Burundi

PRESS RELEASE No 2019/05/29

The Rwandan Movement for Democratic Change (MRCD) categorically denies the allegations that we are in dialogue with civil or military authorities of Burundi, and that we have sent delegates to meet with the Ugandan authorities.

The MRCD publicly declares the above allegations to be baseless, false and misleading. We therefore request the public to consider them as the usual baseless fabrication of facts and stories that are the trade mark of the Kigali regime, in order to cover up their wrongdoings, intimidate anybody wanting to denounce their crimes, and attribute their crimes to others. Concerning the above-mentioned allegations, we believe that this is simply a pretext for Kigali to launch military campaigns against neighbouring countries.

The MRCD also takes this opportunity to inform the public that the names of high-ranking military officers mentioned in recent media publications, emanate from Kigali fabrications, because, as the MRCD, we do not have those officers in our ranks.

Furthermore, the MRCD reminds the public that we are fighting for equality, justice, freedom and democracy in Rwanda and we are open to any negotiations leading to the long-lasting peace in our homeland.

Done in Brussels this 29/05/2019


MRCD Chair Person