The Presidential Hopeful Candidate Diane Rwigara and Her Family Are Missing

Diane Shima Rwigara

By Ben Barugahare

In a startling revelation, close associates and extended family members of the presidential hopeful, Diane Rwigara, have reported that they have lost all contact with her and her immediate family for the past five days. The sudden and unexplained disappearance has led many to speculate that they might have been illegally detained.

Despite these concerns, the police spokesperson has denied any involvement, stating categorically that they have not arrested the Rwigara family. This statement, however, has done little to assuage the fears of those close to the family, given the heightened police presence observed around the Rwigara residence.

Hirwa Ruganguka, a close assistant to Diane, expressed deep concern over the situation. “No one in our movement, none of our colleagues, have seen them. Some of us tried to visit their home, but the police presence is overwhelming, preventing anyone from even approaching the house,” he shared. This heavy-handed approach by the police has only intensified suspicions that something sinister might have befallen the Rwigara family, and that the authorities are attempting to cover it up.

Ruganguka further revealed that all lines of communication seem to have been severed. “All of Diane’s phones, as well as those of her brothers, have been switched off for the last five days. This is highly unusual and deeply worrying,” he said. Given the current climate of uncertainty, Ruganguka himself has found it prudent to go into hiding.

The sudden disappearance of Diane Rwigara and her family, coupled with the conspicuous silence from official channels, has left many fearing the worst. As the days go by without any word from the Rwigara family, concerns continue to mount, and calls for transparency and accountability grow louder. The international community, human rights organisations, and concerned citizens await answers, hoping for the safe return of Diane Rwigara and her family.

The situation underscores the challenges and risks faced by political aspirants in Rwanda, especially those who dare to challenge the status quo. The mysterious circumstances surrounding the Rwigara family’s disappearance serve as a stark reminder of the lengths to which powers might go to suppress dissenting voices.

As the nation and the world watch closely, the pressing question remains: Where are Diane Rwigara and her family? The answer to this question is not just crucial for their well-being but also for the state of democracy and human rights in Rwanda.