The rationale of the creation of a new ministry in charge of national unity and civic education 

Dr Christopher Kayumba

By The Rwandan Analyst

The last barometer published by the national commission of unity and reconciliation had estimated the extent of unity and reconciliation at 94.7%. Some Rwandan politicians from opposition have contested alleging that it was embellished “technicated” and it does not reflect the real reality.

Dr KAYUMBA Christopher was hosted by the UKWEZI TV commenting this new ministry. He generally criticizes the methodology of survey applied by NURC; the freedom of speech of people who were interviewed; the involvement of various specialists such historians; sociologists; etc. the extent of indicators of unity and reconciliation in terms of security of genocide survivors and statistics of crimes of genocide ideology and divisionism. What are the very reasons of instituting the new ministry in charge of unity and reconciliation and civic education? The politician and academician Dr KAYUMBA Christopher delivers his views overviewed hereunder.

He welcomes the project as he does not admit the barometer of NURC and proposes the inclusion of the freedom of press whereby all journalists not some ones selected by the state.

Asked about the motivations of such an initiative, he replied that the reason is surely known by the head of state and the cabinet but for him 4 reasons are underlying: issue of extremism of Rwandans whereby are divided people pro-regime and others against the regime so that Rwandans are not acting as compatriots but they are divided as good citizens and enemies of the country. The second might be the increase of opponents worldwide including even children born from dignitaries from ancient regimes and armed rebellions; the third reason may be the attempt to approach those Rwandans and try to integrate them in the Rwandan policies given that they seem excluded; the forth reason might be the request of different political platforms like RPD and Mrs INGABIRE Umuhoza Victoire of Dalfa-Umurinzi who jointly with Me Ntaganda Bernard founder of PSI-Imberakuri submitted a roadmap  inviting the regime to organize a framework in order to debate the crucial problems of the country.

Furthermore, he unveiled that the real reason might be asked to the presidency through staff in charge of communication 

Concerning the freedom of press, there is a worry on the innovation of such a ministry while there are NURC and CNLG; perhaps that ministry will coordinate those organs; there is also a crucial innovation especially the appointment of staff in charge of communication and press in the President office. The press at the presidency was badly functioning and bias; from now we hope they work well openly and objectively without being guided by subjectivity and creating friendship between the presidency and the public.