The real cause of death of Jay Polly 

By The Rwandan Analyst

Jay Polly Rwanda, musician who has been in police custody since April, suddenly die on Thursday morning. The popular Rwandan rapper death occurs at at 4;30am, according official statement from Rwanda Correctional Service. Jay Polly whose real name was Joshua Tuyishime die at age of 33. Officially, he died of having consumed toxic drinks which contain much methanol according to the version of RCS and medical laboratory results. On the other hand, his close friends and family member reject this version and support the thesis of assassination. 

The death of the very popular rapper Joshua Tuyishime a.k.a Jay Polly has raised various reactions from the Rwandan public.

Official cause of death

Prison officials say Jay Polly died after consuming a poisonous drink he and two other inmates brewed. Legal authorities arrested an artist for his home four months ago – April 2021 – while he is throwing a party in breach of Covid 19 regulations.

The Rwandan Prison Service said the rapper developed health problems and was admitted to hospital on Wednesday evening and died hours later.

The Rwanda Bureau of Investigation and the Rwanda Forensic Laboratory are conducting further investigations to establish the actual cause of death.

Why Jay Polly Goes To Jail

They arrested the hip-hop artist in April, along with 11 others at his home in a Kigali suburb where he was accused of illegally assembling in violation of social distancing rules. Authorities charge Jay Polly with illegal possession of marijuana and was in pre-trial detention awaiting a new trial date on the merits.

Another Rwandan musician, Kizito Mihigo, died in police custody early last year. They had said they hailed this gospel artist as a great national talent, but later he would be accused of being a traitor.

Jay Polly death: Family react

His brother, Maurice Uwera, said Rwanda Corrections had informed him of his death, but they did not give further details.

His girlfriend Kessy Kayonga, who was on a trip to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, says she has “a life plan” with the star. 

She said to the BBC “Everyone who has met or lived with Jay Polly remembers his love, his kindness and the way he always smiled,” she added.

Jay Polly death: Fans reaction

Many Rwandan music fans who have rubbed shoulders with Jay Polly for more than a decade of stardom take to social media to mourn the star

Analysis:The real cause of death 

The arrest of Jay Polly was organized by the Rwanda Investigations Bureau and the crime he was prosecuted for was invented and this organ used an investigator to simulated it. Indeed, among guests who had gathered at Jay Polly house was hiding a certain Kaboko who really is a RIB staff; it is him who brought balls of marijuana and put them in a secure place so that he may retake them as exhibits and exactly it is himself who indicated where those drugs were. The investigators did not arrest him or at least question him as a witness because they were already aware of the trap.

Besides, before his death, the Rwanda correctional services of Nyarugenge declared that Jay Polly had been sick while his brother Uwera Maurice, journalist at Rwanda Broadcasting Agency(RBA)  told that he had interacted with him a day before and that he was fully healthy. Worse, before the official issuance of the autopsy results, these authorities of RCS had already unclosed the cause of the death of the rapper which normally which distorts the investigation because the laboratory assistants would not dare to deliver results other than those suggested by the penitentiary authorities.

Furthermore, apart from being a member of KMPF, his recent songs were denouncing injustice inflicted to the Rwandan citizens and even in the jail he was complaining against the Kigali regime while as we all know among the inmates there hid some intelligence agents who are inserted to get information and report it.

This malicious practice of falsely imputing the criminal facts to someone is very frequent in Rwanda. Thus, intelligent agents interact with people they intend to denounce due to their political position vis-à-vis the regime and try to talk as opponents equipped hidden recorder spying out the interlocutors somehow trapped; then when not worried by nothing he starts unveiling his political opinions, he is secretly recorded and his opinions and comments are transmitted to the nearest office of the Rwanda Investigations Bureau and finally he is arrested. In penitentiary premises, there are many inmates who were arrested, prosecuted and sentenced due to data or exhibits which were put at their homes and the police agents who brought them are the investigators who start inquiries to confuse them.

In a nutshell,Joshua Tuyishime was assassinated by the Kigali regime in the same manners it killed Dr Kasakure,Me Mutunzi Donat, Kizito Mihigo;Alfred Nsengiyumva former executive secretary of Cyuve Sector in Musanze District, Rwigara Assinapol, father Dominique Karekezi; hotel employees of Byumba accused to serving poisoned chicken to an RDF officer, the list is not exhaustive. 


People daily disappear while in the hands of judicial institutions in a perfect impunity because those who murder them are the same who report the falsified cause of death. A political opponent who is arrested and prosecuted can hardly be acquitted because judges are no longer independent and the regime dictates what they must decide and penalties to inflict against them. In a such deadlock and ambiguity, people do not find any exit to escape and the last solution remains to flee the country whose dying prisons keep on lynching many citizens.