By Gakwerere

What Rwanda’s junta regime is good on how it markets itself especially within the international community. The regime brands its self as a success story despite that nearly a half of its national budget is funded through foreign aid. The little enclave has spent millions of dollars to market, brand, image, hoodwink foreign states especially donors about its success.

With time, donors through scratching on the surface, have discovered that all they have been receiving are mere doctored data that represents wrong facts. It’s only in Rwanda were the cleaning of a small strip within Kigali city is taunted as a sign of development, and few tall buildings owned by the Kagames posted as economic success story.

It’s only in Rwanda that since world economic records begun that a country which has been achieving a yearly GPD of around 7% for the last 20 years, and the Country is still a donor dependant, worse than a Banana Republic. It’s totally impossible, with that amount of GDP growth for the last 20 years for a country to still be economically poor in a bankruptcy mode status.

With this kind of GDP growth that the country has been telling us for the last 20 years, trust, Rwanda by now would have been a real African Singapore, not the delusional Singapore that they always hallucinate about.

It merely took 7 years of yearly GDP growth of around 5%, for the Tiger nations to transform themselves from fisheries and primitive agricultural based economy to industrialised and service economy, thus turning into donor states.

These Tiger countries, there economic models were about realism, real investment on human capital and following well defined economic vision. It wasn’t about creating doctored and fabricated data as in case of Rwanda.

It is on this background of self marketing as a success model that young dictator Faure Gnassingbé, the ruler of Togo approached criminal Paul Kagame to refer him a Rwandan national who is an expert in tax policies, implementation and collection to come and restructure the Togolese Revenue Authority.

Criminal Paul Kagame referred Henry Gaperi real names before being changed, Henry Byakaperi Kanyesiime to dictator Faure Gnassingbé. In 2014, the dictator of Togo appointed Henry Gaperi to head the Togolese Inland Revenue as a commissioner General.

As fate always follow those who work with criminal Paul Kagame, in November of 2016, during a Maritime Security conference in Togo, in which Kagame was supposed to be part of, later cancelling at the last minute and deciding to sent Kabarebe.

In this trip, James Kabarebe was accompanied by Hope Tumukunde, ambassador to the AU and Claude Nikobisanzwe the Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Foreign Affairs. An experienced spy who has worked for years with DMI and NISS (National Intelligence and Security Service). Forget about sopecas, Mushikiwabo Louise or Nduhungirehe Olivier. These are merely loudspeakers, for years, real power in this ministry falls under NISS agent Claude Nikobisanzwe – the Permanent Secretary.

During this conference, all officials of Togolese government were present and among them a Henry Gaperi. In the meeting Henry Gaperi saw James Kaberebe and went for courtesy greeting and little chat with him. They had a brief chat while standing and parted their ways.

When James Kabarebe got back to Kigali, as it’s a norm within this Junta regime, especially among the high ranking ministers – the super ministers, they have to go straight to Kagame to thank him for granting them the opportunity and the chance to represent the country. Always in such close meetings, they end up with these officials telling Paul Kagame lots of ubusutwa – Rugambo – intrigues/lies against other people.

James Kabarebe went straight to report about his Togo trip, knowing that he was with NISS officer – Permanent Secretary Mr Claude Nikobisanzwe, James Kabare had to tell detailed account of what transpired in Togo. He told his boss how Henry Gaperi was present in the conference, telling Kagame that Henry Gaperi is the new kid on the block within the Togolese society, elites and especially the ruling class.

For those who know Paul Kagame very well, you know the level of his jealous, he wants to be the only Rwandan that is praised. In this Busutwa – Rugambo – porojo – intrue meeting with James Kabarebe, Rwanda’s narcissistic ruler wondered how Henry Gaperi participated in such high level conference, to him, it meant that he is doing well.

In January 2017, during Kagame’s visit to Mali, he sent his minister Louise Mushikiwabo to Togo on unofficial trip to talk to President Faure advising him to sack Henry Gaperi for his subversive activities of contributing funds to an organisation which is fighting against his government – RNC. Criminal Paul Kagame, referred Henry Gaperi as an enemy of the state and Togo should cancel his contract.

After receiving such message brought by a minister, Faure Gnassingbé chose diplomatic relations over Henry Gaperi, despite doing a great job with excellent results in heading the Togolese Inland Revenue.

After Henry Gaperi new year’s holiday in Rwanda, in January 2017, he went back to Togo for his duties and he was briefed by the president about the incident, how Louise Mushikiwabo came with damning claims with instructions to sack him.

Faure Gnassingbé told him that, he was left with no choice rather than terminating his contract which was left with 11 months.

President Faure Gnassingbé paid him all the 11 months plus bonus of 1 month. He threw a farewell party for him and the office of Togolese Inland Revenue Authority organised a send off – good bye party and Henry Gaperi left the country.

Mean while, in Rwanda, DMI run tabloids under the instruction from the criminal ruler started writing how he stole billions of Togolese francs and fled from Togo. And sending this line of poisonous lies to Togolese opposition papers to write.

A campaign to destroy and trash the reputation of Henry Gaperi kicked in, his character and personality was destroyed referring to him as a fraudster and a corrupt official who run away from Togolese jurisdiction. No single arrest warrant has ever been issued against him and Faure Gnassingbé’s government has never released any statement that Henry Gaperi defrauded the state.

Since, he knew the source of the problem and sporadic attacks against him, Henry Gaperi preferred to keep quiet and lay low. In his heart, he knew he had left with dignity.

That is your Kagame, he will build you and once jealous kicks in, he will do everything possible to destroy you. He is a pure VAMPIRE.