Paul Kagame
Rape is a sad and a painful experience that constantly haunts perpetually a person who has gone through it. We have heard, read about many rape cases in families, in communities and in various countries. Very Sad and unfortunate, it seems like many people or many governments in this world have not cared as it should be for a good number of the persons who have been raped by putting up strong structures, laws, measures and orders which should be correcting and even  punishing those criminal person who assault or violate or defile and abuse these innocent people and who consequently end up exposing to and leave them very vulnerable state of affairs and weak before anything and defenseless human beings. People say that both girls and boys can be defiled but the most pronounced rape crime in this world is the rape against women by some disordered men. This is what comes into my mind when I reflecting on Paul Kagame govern people of Rwanda ruthlessly and brutally, and he wants to do for the rest of his life. What is said of rape by its definition? Below is how rape has been defined:
serial rapist is a rapist who rapes more than one person over a period of time. Some serial rapists target children. “Sexual predator”, “Repeat Rape” and “Multiple Offending” can also be used to describe the activities of those who commit a number of consecutive rapes, but remain unprosecuted when self-reported in research. Others will commit their assaults in prisons. In some instances, a group of serial rapists will work together. These rapists can have a pattern of behavior that is sometimes used to predict their activities and aid in their arrest and conviction. Serial rapists also differ from one time offenders because “serial rapists more often involved kidnapping, verbally and physically threatening the victims, and using or threatening the use of weapons.”
In his dictatorial regime and his political leadership style, Paul Kagame can be compared to a serial rapist in a way he rules over Rwanda and how he has subjected the citizens in that country.  I have no doubt that by looking at these different facets of rape and in his ways, Paul Kagame behaves like a “serial rapist” towards the people of Rwanda, since the time he took power in Rwanda, some 24 years ago and through the change of the constitution in 2015and his “Nollywood” 04/08/2017 Rwanda presidential elections up to now. What happens prior to rape crime? A man has been frequently and lustfully observing, watching, looking at a beautiful lady and most of the time very well behaved girl pass by and he starts slowly but surely admiring her up to when he starts having some feelings or develops a need to have sex or sleep with her by fire, by force. With time and after days, months or years even, this same man therefore makes some moves towards her to make a proposal to her and maybe she refuses him. Sometimes he feels in himself that no matter what happen between the two he will beg her insistently until she will end up giving in to his sexual urges until he grabs and defeats her one day. Then if he doesn’t want to give up on her in resisting against his proposals always too, then that becomes the begging of all the troubles towards the same beautiful and well behaved lady. This man will therefore take his time and he will starts restlessly thinking and planning in his wicked heart how he will now and finally force himself on her, bounce on her, assault her against her free will and  consent and will end up sleeping with her by force or even kidnapping her. Most of the girls or women or ladies who are raped by these ruthless men are innocent and have good manners in society and among their friends, that is the reason why these disordered men find it very difficult to deviate and distort their good intentions and their sound minds in leading them into their dirty activities, while these rapists are themselves used to live such reckless life. Rapists have a lot of tactics, tricks and maneuverings which they use in order to win the same women or ladies for whom they have lust. The moment a rapist decides to rape the same beautiful woman it is normally at that time when the girl or the lady  or the woman is even reaching probably the period in her life to start thinking and plan well for her future seriously. And once the man rapes her, she becomes very disturbed, she feels useless, hopeless and helpless, all her future is shattered and she stops seeing any light any more in her life. All her life is changed physically, physiologically, and socially, and she is even very much hurt and wounded. But Why all these? When a girl has been raped, most of the times, she is condemned and even abandoned by her family members, her father and mother fail to understand her. They start thinking about and seeing the shame she has brought to herself and to their family as well. Their estimated dignity in the society goes down. They look at what they have spent on her and she becomes like out cast in her family. Sometimes even her close friends fail to underhand her and she is left on herself alone. The whole situation becomes total darkness and all hopes are like shattered. She becomes like an enemy of everyone. Her future then is put in danger because of the same rapist. But she has no responsibility over what has happened to her. She becomes lonely. Some friends and neighbors even starts blaming her for the actions and these might leave in a perpetual feeling of guilty. It will be even worse if now the rapist has impregnated her or has infected her with diseases even with HIV/AIDS. If she was at school, she drops and sit at home from the period of pregnancy, giving birth and nursing the baby in case she never thought of aborting the same child. Imagine the desperate situation in which she is! How vulnerable she becomes! Depending on how her family background is too, she will have no other option than to start looking for a help from any one around. She will too need a support of any kind for herself since all life has changed and also for the baby in case she wants to continue keeping that baby from the criminal man. Where does she turn back for help? Some rapists are even more powerful in their society and community. Sometimes they feared by all the people. They are really wicked such that their crimes have made people to remain mute towards them. They have more money and they are richer than the victims. They are rude, strong and ruthless. When rape cases happen in some areas you find that the victims take even cases to courts but unfortunately justice will be delayed or will never be rendered to them, because of the powers of the rapists and who are too very corrupt and consequently they too in return corrupt the whole system. Now taking the rape case to court become for some victims like wasting their time and their meager resources. It looks like to go to accuse someone and you find that accused is the judge. That is why some of the victims end up even dropping their rape cases and withdraw them from courts or rather decide to remain calm and silent about the whole issue and try to find ways and means to go on with life although in very tough and hard way. To some victims even life loses meaning and all happiness is gone. Life is no longer the same any more. Sad indeed! What does she do in that situation? On another hand some of raped girls or ladies very painfully, sadly and unfortunately, more especially in Africa, end up going back to the same rapist to ask for responsibility towards the child upbringing. Be it money, cloths and also something like milk or food as the child will be growing up. Imagine the energy and efforts she makes to go back to him! In her helplessness, the rapist can even starts parading, showing off or even beasts  and show to everyone around that in fact she is the one again falling in love with him and consequently he might even convince everyone looks she consented to what happened. And later she might look as if eventually she has fallen in love with the criminal rapist but on the contrary it is not true but it is due to the constraints of life of difficulties and sufferings she is facing from the dirty crime but yet she needs to soldier ahead in life as it should be. Some rapists too in order to cool up the situation, they end up pretending as if they want to marry the same lady so that they live together finally and take care of the victim and show the responsibility to their child. But once a girls gives in and accept the proposal, when she starts living with him she will discover that the man is like Satanist, very cruel, brutal and merciless being. What some girls do in that situation? For the sake of the wellbeing of the child I will live this man forever for better for worse. She is forced by desperation to stay with her abuser and she has not courage or power to leave the ruthless man and live with her for her rest of her life, and they too become hell for her life if the man is really who we are talking. And she will live under that roof in perpetual and constant abuse, endless raping, beating, starvation, and unimaginable and inhuman conditions and if she has now where else to run too she will give in and accept to be abused for the rest of her life. The situation will look as if she is fine and she has finally accepted the horrible life she is living with the perpetual abuser for better, for worse. When I look at Rwandan people and our country Rwanda I see Paul Kagame who is perpetual rapist and us Rwandan people have become like constantly raped, abused beautiful woman, lady or girl and the criminal Paul Kagame has finally subjected us to his will as if we really love him but in actual fact he runs and rules us like a bully, lion or hyena and like an insatiable defiler, a brutal violator, a mad assaulter, a crazy abuser who will remain a serial rapist of Rwandan people for the rest of his life. Rwandan people don’t really love Paul Kagame their serial killer. Kagame has been just too infatuated to the people of Rwanda rather than saying that he is being loved by them. Rape can’t go without any negative implication and consequences on the life of the victim. The effects of rape can include both the initial physical trauma as well as deep psychological trauma. Although rape victims commonly report injuries and issues with their reproductive health after the sexual assault, rape doesn’t always involve physical force. The most common and lasting effects of rape involve mental health concerns and diminished social confidence. A raped lady needs always some counselling, some empowerment from genuine people rather than turning back to her perpetual abuser and to help her come out the roof of a serial rapist and see life somewhere else for some positive and worthy living conditions where she will live again a happy and a dignified life for the rest of her stay here on earth. Indeed President dictator Paul Kagame has really raped, defiled, violated, assaulted, victimized and abused Rwandan people so much that he has now made them traumatically and perpetually very dependent on him despite that he is and remains their serial rapist in all ages.