The Rwandan commission for fighting against the genocide (CNLG) released the list of aliens accused of denying the genocide

In Rwanda, this is a month of remembrance, prayers and commemoration for those loved ones who died during the genocide. This is a month where Rwandans renew their proclamation of NEVER AGAIN.

This is a month where Rwandans sing hymns to their adored relatives, friends, neighbours and countrymen or woman who died during the genocide.

On the 9th/04/16, Rwanda’s dictator was at it again!!! During the 22nd commemoration of the genocide, than behaving presidential with a reconciliatory speech which preaches unity, togetherness, love, forgiveness and reconciliation; the dictator opted for his usual trade mark speeches of intimidation, threats and provocation.

In a flailed voice and tired looking body, Kagame told thousands who had gathered at Amahoro Stadium that, “I wish we could be invaded and I show these people. I am dying of anxiety; I am waiting for war but in vain.”

In his extraordinary speech, the dictator continued, “I always hear some of my neighbours are itching to help interahamwe invade Rwanda. I wish that they do it soon, I am so anxious. Some know it that they can’t succeed; I think that is why they are delaying. I just wish they try it.”

In this extraordinary Nazism speech, Rwanda’s dictator continued to lament, “But I think they will soon give us an opportunity and we show them what we mean. They ought to give us a chance so that we may get an excuse of starting that war. You will hear them in neighbouring Countries, they are just delaying to attack otherwise we teach them a lesson and they won’t know what has hit them.”

What we ought to know about Rwanda’s dictator is that, in anything concerning deaths, wars or assassinations; he will always act on his promises.

While he was giving this rambling speech, his office through one of his commission was releasing a list of unwanted foreigners who are mostly western nationals. The crime of these individuals is to criticise and question the RPF policies and Kagame in particular.

These individuals are persona non grata in Rwanda. And in Kagame’s myopic eyes, once his declares you an enemy of the state, then, you’re a target for assassination.

The Rwandan commission for fighting against the genocide (CNLG) just released the list of aliens accused of denying the genocide against Tutsis, minimizing that genocide and of spreading the genocide ideology. Those aliens are accused of those two crimes because, according to CNLG, (a) they denounce violations of human rights in Rwanda, and (b) they oppose policies of inkotanyi regime.

Those aliens are divided into 8 groups; namely,

The list below is of those foreigners considered as undesirable by Dictator Paul Kagame and published in RPF controlled newspaper.

(1) Researchers and academics: Ann Garrison, Filip Reyntjenss , André Guichaoua, Serge Dupuis, Rony Braumann, Pierre Erny, Allan Stam, Christian Davenport, Scott Straus, Lars Waldorf, Robert Krueger, Milton Allimadi and James Lyons.

(2) Journalists: Judi Rever, Jane Corbin, Pierre Pean, Charles Onana, Marie-Roger Biloa and Jean-François Khan, Peter Verlinden, Geoffrey York, Jona Cobin, Bernard Desgagné, and Robin Philipot.

(3) Lawyers: Christopher C. Blackl, Luc de Temmerman,Raphaël Constant, Peter Erlinder, and Jean Yaovi Degli.

(4)Politicians: Alain Juppé, Hubert Védrine, Edouard Balladur, Dominique de Villepin, and François Léotard, Mtikila Christopher.

(5) Judges: Jean Louis Bruguière, Fernando Andreu Merelles, and Theodore Meron, Carla Del Ponte

(6) Religious: Serge Desouter, Guy Theunis, Jef Vleugels, Leopold Greindl, Arnold de Schaetzen, Walter Aelvoet, Philippe de Dorlodot, Jean Chaptal, and Madeleine Raffin.

(7) Soldiers: Gen. Jean Claude Lafourcade, Gen. Jacques Hogard, Gen. Michel Robardey, Gen. Didier Tauzin, Cpt Paul Barril, Col Luc Marchal, and Capt Anmadou Deme .

(8) Human right/NGO officials: Christiaan de Beule, Martine Syoen, Marcel Colart and Dr Helmut Strize.