The Rwigaras Are No Longer Genocide Survivors – This Is Positive News.

By Bosco Mutarambirwa

Paul Kagame just stripped Rwigara family of their “prestigious “ title of “genocide survivors”. If I were a member of Rwigara family I’d proudly say “good riddance” in response. Why? Because, according to Kagame’s twisted mind, a genocide survivor is someone who goes around harassing, humiliating, or assassinating hutu ethnic Rwandans and their offspring for no reason other than their being born as hutus. Nobody gets to decide whether they are born hutu or tutsi.

According to Kagame’s brainwashing machine, only ethnic tutsi Rwandans have permission to pride themselves of their ethnic identity, as in “Genocide against ‘Tutsi’ ”, a slogan that is engraved everywhere you look while inside Rwanda. What about hutus? One cannot freely pronounce the word “hutu” word because that would amount to divisionism, a crime that is severely punishable by law in Kagame’s banana republic. Hutus cannot be allowed to be proud of anything, including their own ethic identity at birth. Hutus are therefore mere subjects that are to be silenced at all cost and murdered as Kagame pleases. Hutus are not allowed to make mention that they are also survivors of genocide.

Rwigara family have learned their own lesson. Unfortunately, they have learned the hard way after experiencing brutal injustices that hutus have been experiencing for the past 3 decades. Assinapol Rwigara, the father murdered in cold blood by Kagame, and Assinapol’s wife was subsequently thrown in jail in order to shut her off as she yelled for help. Their daughter, Diane Rwigara, has been dragged through the same mud as as her mother as she tried to publicly challenge Kagame’s false narrative on Rwanda’s war conflict and bad governance by means of nepotism, fear-mongering, and all forms of traumatic acts of cruelty that his regime constantly commits against its own people.

The Rwigaras have learned that Hutus deserve better, that hutus and tutsis deserve equal rights in their own motherland. The Rwigaras have made this clear. As such, the Rwigaras no longer meet Kagame’s twisted definition of genocide survivors.
Here’s Kagame’s standpoint: