Mr Boniface Twagilimana

Very sensible information from highly reliable sources confirm with certainty that 1st Vice President of FDU Inkingi Boniface TWAGIRIMANA didn’t escape prison during the night of the 7th October 2018 as it was announced by prison authorities but was kidnapped by DMI (Directorate of Military Intelligence) operatives in connivance with SSP John Mukono, Director of Nyanza Prison.

Flashing back to the informative details of the mysterious disappearance of Boniface TWAGIRIMANA, the plot gets thicker and ends up squarely resting on the shoulders of the Kagame regime. A few weeks before the deportation of Boniface TWAGIRIMANA from Mageragere Prison to Nyanza Prison, the isolated ward where political prisoners used to be detained in Nyanza Prison was emptied and none of the four inmates namely Dr Theoneste Niyitegeka, General Seraphin Bizimungu nicknamed Mahoro, Colonel Michel Habimana and Deogratias Mushayidi remained. They were dispatched to different prisons countrywide.

A day before the arrival of Boniface TWAGIRIMANA at Nyanza Prison, that’s on the 2nd October 2018, the regime took Aimable Murenzi with all his affairs from the main ward known as Golf Wing and bound him to the isolated ward which till then remained depopulated. There he stayed alone all. Late that day, the director of Nyanza Prison SSP John Mukono and the deputy operation commander of RCS (Rwanda Correctional Service) SP Michel Kamugisha had Aimable Murenzi brought to the office and they held a long conversation with him in top secrecy.

To those who do not know Aimable Murenzi, let us tell you that he’s one of the RPF regime’s most dreaded death squads who has been jailed since 2007 after being unsuccessful in executing the regime’s order to assassinate journalist Jean Bosco Gasasira, Chief editor of the paper “UMUVUGIZI”. Aimable Murenzi is convicted to life sentence and still receives his monthly salary as sergeant in RNP (Rwanda National Police) after eleven years in prison.

On the following day, that’s on the 3rd October 2018, Boniface TWAGIRIMANA was separated with his case mates and was brought to Nyanza Prison where he arrived around 11h00 a.m in a heavily escorted convoy of RCS. Without delay, Boniface was put in the isolated ward where Aimable Murenzi was sent a day earlier. They stayed together and shared the living room but each one had his own sleeping room. On Friday, 5 October 2018, Boniface TWAGIRIMANA was visited by some relatives of his but he could not be facilitated to reach the visit hall like every prisoner else until the director of Nyanza Prison SSP John Mukono himself allowed him.

On Sunday morning, that’s on the 7th October 2018 ,Boniface TWAGIRIMANA had to go to attend the Roman Catholic Mass with other prisoners but they refused him to get there. Aimable Murenzi who is a protestant Christian was also denied to join the Sunday congregation. At Nyanza Prison all Sunday afternoons are exclusively reserved for football matches but that afternoon there wasn’t any. No one was allowed to go to the football field and no movement was allowed on the prison domain. In the evening of that day, SSP John Mukono and CIP Deo Mudacyahwa (IO = Intelligence Officer) hurried to the isolated ward where Boniface TWAGIRIMANA and Aimable Murenzi were detained and called Aimable. They spent a quarter of an hour together and afterwards Mukono got in his double cabin pickup truck and drove to the city of Nyanza.

Late that night around 10:30 p.m a black jeep packed at the gate of Nyanza Prison and when the warders approached to ask what it was looking for, the driver scornfully kept silent. The warders were worried and called IO CIP Deo Mudacyahwa who was acting as the day’s orderly officer. This one spoke to the people in the black jeep and they pulled away. Three hours later, the same jeep came back accompanied by SSP John Mukono’s pickup truck and both cars entered through the gate of prison and packed near the isolated ward of Boniface TWAGIRIMANA and Aimable Murenzi.

One of prison guards witnessed that he saw four men with masks on their faces getting out of the black jeep and followed SSP John Mukono to the door of the ward where Murenzi and TWAGIRIMANA were locked in. After a few minutes they came out six bearing seemingly massive luggage that looked like a sleeping bag, probably containing the body of Boniface TWAGIRIMANA and put it in the rear part of the black jeep. Aimable Murenzi came out with them wearing jeans and a jacket. They all got aboard the black jeep and SSP John Mukono followed the jeep in his kaki pickup truck. Early in the following morning, SSP John Mukono was the first to announce that Aimable Murenzi and Boniface TWAGIRIMANA had escaped from prison.

Today as I write this article, the disappearance of Boniface TWAGIRIMANA and his inmate Aimable Murenzi has created powerful conflict among warders. While the regime is playing the scenario of interrogating warders Claver Munyabugingo and Bosco Nsanzumuhire alias Gaca falsely charged for having helped Murenzi and TWAGIRIMANA to break from prison, other warders are complaining why the State wants to condemn their comrades for fabricated crimes about two prisoners who were kidnapped by the Government’s intelligence agents. But as the Kigali regime rules the people at gunpoint and terror, no one can officially explain it to the public.

According to a trusted source from one of Kagame’s DMI operatives, Boniface TWAGIRIMANA is still alive hidden in one of the regime’s safe houses. Another source told us that prisoners in all of Rwanda’s 14 gaols are scared of the disappearance of Boniface TWAGIRIMANA because they are continually exposed to the regime’s unparalleled ferocity.

Written by:
Janet Nabyo
Paris, 9 October 2018