The Social Party P.S. IMBERAKURI call on the Parliament to stand up and summon the Minister in Charge of Security


In the last few days, several unexplained killings have been recorded in many parts of the country especially in Kigali City and the Southern Province. In less than a month, in Kigali City alone fifteen (15) people have been murdered. In many cases, security organs state that the victims were “prostitutes”. But in Muhanga District, it has been reported the murder of a businessman named Icyaduhuje Faustin, and the death of Musabyimana Innocent, a security guard to businessman named Tuyisenge Narcisse.

These killings are happening when elements of Armed Reserved Forces harass political opponents including at their residences at night. We recall that the President of P.S. IMBERAKURI in the District of Gasabo, Mr. Dominic Shyirambere has been attacked by an armed mob during the night of August 25, 2012. While other party members came to his rescue, Mr. Sylvain Sibomana, Secretary General of FDU was injured by security organ operatives. The two injured were then detained at the police station at Remera until 2:30 PM instead of being treated for their injuries.

All these incidents are occurring at the time when a reporter of the radio “Ubuntu Butangaje” stated during an interview with the Governor of Southern Province, Mr. MUNYENTWARI Alphonse, that he has information that the killers have links with P.S. IMBERAKURI members.

The fact that these killings occur while the government has dispatched security forces ( army, police, local defenses, armed reserve forces, intore and other community watches) in all the corners of the country and at the time when the same authorities declare that the security is guaranteed is a total chock for many. Meanwhile, it is a surprise that no serious investigations have been initiated to find out who is behind these killings. Instead the supporters of the regime now are using mass media to harass political opponents by accusing them of these despicable acts.

It is surprising to find out that as of today, the authority states that all the victims were prostitutes, as if all prostitutes have to die.
The Social Party P.S. IMBERAKURI is very alarmed that the authorities once again resumed harassing the party through the media with the aim to destroy a registered political party that opted to work in the transparent manner for the wellbeing of our country.

If this so called journalist has evidences of what he claims, why doesn’t he provide them to the judiciary? The adage says “AHO KWICA GITERA, ICA IKIBIMUTERA literally translating “ DON’T KILL THE MESSENGER..”
The Social Party P.S. IMBERAKURI takes this opportunity to rebuke all those who use the mass media to harass some as a way to promote their self interests or those of a small clique, forgetting so quickly what happened to our country few years ago.

The Social Party P.S. IMBERAKURI call on the Parliament to stand up and summon the Minister in Charge of Security to explain to Rwandan people about these killings of innocent people and to ask that serious investigations be conducted and serious measures be implemented to prevent these killings once and for all.

The Social Party P.S. IMBERAKURI once again reminds the people of Rwanda and friends of Rwanda especially Kigali regime that nowhere in the world using forces has resolved any conflicts between the citizens. An open and genuine dialogue between Rwandans is the only way around to resolve numerous problems in our country.

Done in Kigali, August 30, 2012

Alexis Bakunzibake
First Vice President