The son of the President of the Rwandan Senate stabbed in Brussels!

Ntawukuriryayo Roger, son of Dr. Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryayo, President of the Rwandan Senate, was stabbed in Brussels in the evening of Saturday, August 25, 2012 according to

According to his father, Roger was in Belgium to pick up some papers about his previous education in Belgium, final destination was the United States to continue his studies in a university. He had spent two months holiday in Rwanda.

According to, Roger was walking with some friends on Saturday evening when a group of 8 individuals attacked and stabbed the Rwandan leader’s son in the stomach. He was rescued at time, now he is in a hospital in Brussels. The case is under police investigations  but according to the current situation between Rwanda and DR Congo some are already accusing the Congolese diaspora in Belgium.

A source in Brussels interviewed by The Rwandan said: “the victim had spent the night in a party with friends. It was Sunday morning around 9 am. They met another group in the Rue Neuve. Almost everyone was drunk and the tension rose and somebody in the other group pulled out a knife and stabbed Roger Ntawukuriryayo, the author has not been identified, but it does not seem related to political problems, they do not even know if he is Congolese.”