President Juvenal Habyalimana

“ We believe in God, the truth will be established once and for good” Habyarimana’s family commemorating his 27th anniversary ignoble death.

The Covid 19 pandemic, which is threatening the humanity, didn’t prevent scores of Rwandese scattered around the world commemorating the 27th deaths anniversary of late Rwanda President Juvenal Habyarimana and his Burundian counterpart Cyprien Ntaryamira and their entourage.

Many did so through various social media, by sharing comforting messages accompanied with photos of the passengers of the Falcon 50 plane gun downed on 6th April, 1994, while landing at Kigali Grégoire Kayibanda airport as the late Habyalimana was returning from a mini summit in Dar Es Salaam to discuss the Burundi crisis in the aftermath of the assassination of the 1st ever democratically elected and Hutu President Melchior Ndadaye on 23rd October by Burundi 1993 by military junta which led to the conviction of col Peter Buyoya in abscentia, a former Burundi president now late after his demise in ” exile” with 2 military coup d’état in his file.

In an exclusive and anonymous interview from the family of the late Habyalimana in trying to ease the anxieties of those who are closely following the Falcon 50 plane crash endless investigations.

The family of the late Habyalimana is in high spirits that one day the truth would established and for good. The family added that God is on their side in helping to establish the truth: “There is a hope and we are waiting for what the judiciary will confirm since we have made an appeal. We believe in God and He will reveal the truth through judicial proceedings in any way at any time. We hope the truth will be established once for good.”

While Gahungu, a Burundi community elder and very conversant with the stance taken by the current Burundi leadership, says: “We have established a Committée Verité et Reconciliation (Truth and reconciliation commission) which is doing a recommendable and very advanced job some people have been even found guilty and convicted accordingly.” He added that the commission is mandated to dig deeper in order to bring to book the culprits whereas it will pardon who will show remorse while asking for forgiveness.

The crash of the Falcon 50 has gone down in history as an unprecedented tragedy in the world history whereby two (02) president of Hutu tribes from neighbouring countries well killed at once. The incident brought to three (03) Hutu heads of state to be killed in less than six (06) months.

The falcon 50 gun down ignited the violation of the “Arusha Peace Protocol” which were due to end four (04) years of hostilities started by RPF Inkotanyi Rwanda invasion on 1st October, 1990, with the support of Uganda Mseveni led regime.

The Arusha Peace Protocol was setting the power sharing modalities between the Rwandan government led by the late Habyalimana and the RPF-Inkotanyi led by Colonel Alexis Kanyarengwe despite many observers expressed that RPF- Inkotanyi real strong man was Paul Kagame, the current Rwanda president.

In the midst of the aftermath presidential Falcon 50 gun down, the world witnessed atrocities between Hutu and Tutsi whereby more than 1 million people were killed. RPF- Inkotanyi once on power in Kigali, went ahead to invade todays DR Congo then Zaire in October 1996.