The Ultimate EPL Betting Guide

Another weekend match in the world of football means another opportunity to get rewarded. The EPL is one of the highly watched championships around the globe. Being the most prolific football leagues, EPL betting has become a multimillion industry due to its variety in market bets, you could check out the latest betting promotions on each game. With the new Premier League season around the corner, this article will fill you in on the ultimate betting guide for EPL. It showcases the different categories of bets to place on the English Premier League. 

Long Season Premiership Bets 

These are long season bets and focus on who will end up winning the English league. This market gives very long odds since only four or five teams are pinpointed to carry home the championship cup. Over the last 28 years since the start of EPL, only five teams have managed to win the trophy. It, therefore, shows that it takes a strong dedicated team to win the EPL. 

Generally, bookmakers also offer long bets for the top two and top three finalists or even the top half in the league. Moreover, you can choose to place a bet on the teams likely to be at the bottom and presumably face relegation. 

Another popular long season bets for the EPL is the handicap betting to stabilize the competition. This is where the underdog teams are given a specified amount of starting points over the favoured teams. What makes this betting market popular is the fact that all teams are rewarded at almost the same price. 

Premiership Multiple Bets

Multiple bets are famous in the EPL. A total of ten games are played in any given round of fixtures. For each round, you select two or more teams to bet on for the win. You must understand how these bets work before staking.

 For multiple bets, the initial stake plus its winnings go to the second bet, and if that wins, all of the money goes to the third bet, and so on. This betting market does not limit the number of teams to stake on. However, the more teams you select, the greater the risk of return.

The multiple bet market is also growing in popularity due to its variety in staking options. One particular bet that’s attractive to the EPL fans is the “both teams to score” bet. This is where you stake on as many teams as you wish and if both teams score you win. 

Multiple bets are also diversified into a top scorer, correct halftime – fulltime scores, goal time scores among others.  


The English Premier League by itself is very exciting and could be seen as an opportunity for wagering. It also provides a variety of markets to stake on. Rewards differ depending on the teams. Top teams playing against smaller teams offer very small odds while teams considered unlikely to win receive much stronger odds. No matter which team you bet on, it’s important to develop a betting strategy in order to become and remain a successful bettor.