By Gakwerere

As Miyamoto Musashi a legendary Japanese swordsman noted, “In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close, take a distanced view of close things and always learn from the past strategic mistakes.” Under criminal Paul Kagame’s over view of strategy, Miyamoto Musashi’s quotation is an underlying nonsense. For criminal Paul Kagame, his past strategic mistakes – failures are never drawn as a yard mark of learning, instead he will repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

For those in opposition against this satanic dictatorship you should bless yourself for titanic collapse of this brutal system. Thanks to criminal Paul Kagame, the system is internally rotten, on accelerated self-harm and on the pedigree of disastrous self-destruction. Within the junta system, criminal Paul Kagame’s long-time political survival strategy of dividing RPF cadres has reached its climax and totally crashed any sense of comradeship with the junta system.

Within his military – security apparatus, the notion of suspicion among senior security officers is at unprecedented levels, thanks to criminal Paul Kagame for sowing serious rivalries among men in uniform; where spying, reporting and gossiping on each other has become the order of the day. Pitting his subordinates against each other, it is a daily hymen and survival strategy for the chief Lucifer in Kigali.

Plan to create Directorates within the Rwandan Police

For years, criminal Paul Kagame has always followed what his adopted father now nemesis president Museveni does in Uganda. If there is anything which he follows very closely, it is what happens in Uganda’s political – social economic happenings. As he once noted, “Uganda is my country, I have a great bond with the country and no one has the right to disconnect me from a place that gave me a home and education. I shed tears for the country, I fought for that county, put my life online for that country and most of my family linage are buried in that country.”

In his endeavour to follow what Uganda does; now criminal Paul Kagame is studying on how to create the Directorate system within his personalised militia Rwandan police. Soon, heads will roll within the Rwandan police. The only person that will surely eat big in this planned structural change will be Colonel Jeannot Ruhunga, a new blue eyed boy in the corridor of state house village urugwiro.

Who is Col Jeannot Ruhunga?

Colonel Jeannot Ruhunga joined the then Rwanda Patriotic Army in early 1991, this was at the height of the military struggle between the RPA/RPF against the Habyarimana regime. He was born in Zaire now DR Congo, thus in current Kagamist groupings monologue he is a Dubai. For Rwandans, they know reference terminologies used to state someone’s country of birth or upbringing.

In 1994, after the RPF/RPA capturing power in Rwanda, Jeannot Ruhunga as a 2nd lieutenant was posted at Gatuna border crossing as the head of security under Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) directives. He later went to Butare University and after his graduation; he was posted back in DMI’s external wing operating under the DR Congo desk. When the RNC started in December of 2010, Jeannot Ruhunga was tasked with counter opposition research desk within DMI; where understanding, interpreting and researching on Rwandan opposition parties or their influential members was his task, especially the Rwanda National Congress.

This assignment saw him criss-cross western countries, Greatlakes region countries and SADC countries in search of information, and how to counter anti Kagame elements. Since the removal of Col Franco Rutagengwa in October 2015 as the head of the dreaded DMI, criminal Paul Kagame has never appointed any replacement preferring to remain the overall commanding officer of DMI, seconded by Gen Dan Munyuza of Police’s special operation and Col Jeannot Ruhunga being elevated as an overseer of DMI reporting directly to criminal Paul Kagame.

Col Jeannot Ruhunga – intel-info

Since the late 2015, col Jeannot Ruhunga’s detailed reports and briefings to criminal Paul Kagame, have left the criminal ruler impressed and in approval of col Jeannot Ruhunga’s work. According to my reliable source within state house – Village Urugwiro, criminal Paul Kagame has decided to bring col Jeannot Ruhunga to the spotlight, away from a shadowy senior DMI operative personnel who is unknown by Rwandans.

Soon, criminal Paul Kagame will be rewarding him with one of the key security apparatus in a restructured police force. In short, criminal Paul Kagame is creating col Jeannot Ruhunga as the next security enforcer in Rwanda to replace the void left by the dramatic sacking of the former enforcer, death chief – Jack Nziza.

Criminal Paul Kagame’s security apparatus is a washed with numerous assassins, executioners and death salesmen/women. These different dimensions of death squads must have someone who controls them especially when criminal Paul Kagame is out of the country on his usual Vasco Da Gama useless flights around the world. At the moment Gen Dan Munyuza takes that assignment, but pretty soon, the mental will be assigned/given to Jeannot Ruhunga.

Now, col Jeannot Ruhunga is among few people in Rwanda who have the clearance to call criminal Paul Kagame directly whenever they wish and whatever time they want. Even though criminal Paul Kagame is on top of his concubine Clare Akamanzi and a call from col Jeannot Ruhunga comes through his mobile, the chief criminal will leave the goodies and receive the call; that is the magnitude and how important col Jeannot Ruhunga has become within the satanic system.

Planned formation of Rwanda Bureau of Investigation – Col Jeannot Ruhunga

As stated above, criminal Paul Kagame is secretly undergoing ways to restructure the police by creating different directorates within the police – the Uganda model. In this restructuring, criminal Paul Kagame is planning to create Rwanda Bureau of Investigation (RBI) similar to USA’s FBI.

According to my source that is conversant with this restructuring plan, col Jeannot Ruhunga will head this new mega department which will encompass police’s special operations, CID, cyber-crime, money laundering, counter intelligence…etc. This Directorate – RBI will be the rock stone of criminal Paul Kagame’s police militia. But don’t be mistaken, it will be brutal and deadly in its nature. With criminal Paul Kagame, all his security apparatus aim at two objectives. 1) Brutality/human rights abuses 2) Regime survival at all cost.

………To be continued, God bless.