The US Ambassador to DRC visited Goma

North Kivu, February 22, 2024- The United States Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Lucy Tamlyn, made a visit in Goma to meet with Military Governor Peter Cirimwami. This marked Ambassador Tamlyn’s first visit to the eastern region of the DRC, specifically North Kivu, amid rising tensions due to the Rwandan army’s aggression, allegedly under the guise of the M23 rebel group, against the local populations of North Kivu.

During her meeting with Governor Cirimwami, Ambassador Tamlyn expressed her concern over the ongoing conflict and reassured the DRC of the United States’ commitment to support the country. She emphasized the US’s position on resolving the conflict and assisting the victims, highlighting the United States as the leading donor in humanitarian response and the first to denounce the aggression faced by the DRC from Rwanda. “Our position is to resolve this conflict while at the same time, help the victims. We are the foremost donor regarding humanitarian response and also the first country to denounce the aggression that the DRC suffers from Rwanda,” Tamlyn stated in a press briefing. She also mentioned a declaration made by her embassy on the previous Saturday, advocating for the continuation of diplomatic efforts.

Ambassador Tamlyn strongly condemned the aggression inflicted on the DRC by Rwanda. She called for an immediate withdrawal of the M23 and Rwanda, urging them to adhere to the Luanda and Nairobi process. The ambassador stressed the importance of assisting the victims of this imposed war on the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A key focus of the discussions was the plight of displaced populations, with both the US and Congolese authorities agreeing that the primary goal should be the return of these displaced individuals to their original communities, rather than prolonging their stay in displacement camps. This approach underscores the need for a diplomatic resolution to the ongoing Rwandan-Congolese conflict, which has already resulted in the loss of thousands of Congolese lives.

Ambassador Tamlyn called on Rwanda and the M23 to heed the international community’s call for withdrawal from Congolese territory, reiterating the United States’ support for a strong, united, and prosperous DRC that respects the territorial integrity of President Félix Tshisekedi’s nation.