The US is preparing war in Burundi similar to the one that led to the Rwandan genocide.

The United States want a  bloody regime change in Burundi because the President of Burundi is not telling USA that he will fight terrorism. This is what the US want to hear from the President of Burundi. The US is disappointed that the coup against Nkurunziza has failed. The USA would have been happy to see Nkurunziza being killed or removed from power no matter how many people would have been killed. This could have been the similar US policy about Rwanda when they  supported Kagame’s war  that triggered the Rwandan genocide.

The genocide against the Hutu took place in Burundi, where more than 500,000 hutu people were killed by all different the Tutsi regimes. The USA has never supported any attempt to bring to justice the people who committed this genocide against the Hutu in Burundi.

>President of Uganda and other dictators are supported by the US to stay on power indefinitely because they simply tell the US that they are supporting USA in fighting terrorism in Africa. Also the USA believe that it is only Museveni who can fight against  Lord’s Resistance Army. Museveni has been using rebel groups that  fighting against his regime to get  USA military, financial  and political support.

This is why the USA has never objected against  the  decision of Museveni to stay indefinitely on power. The USA seems to have already endorsed  Kagame’s plans to modify the Rwandan constitution to stay on power indefinitely.

We call on USA to end their double standards approaches about the leaders of the countries of the African Great Lakes Region. Their foreign policy that is now focusing in Burundi is not credible.

The US is preparing war in Burundi similar to the one that led to the Rwandan genocide.

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