The US Joined the UK in Asking the Kagame Regime to Independently and Transparently Investigate Arrests, Detentions, Killings, and Disappearances of Human Rights Defenders

By David Himbara

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General Paul Kagame is under the spotlight of his main financiers, namely, the US and the UK, with regards to Rwanda’s horrific human rights atrocities. The two countries have openly stated that they are concerned about killings, torture, deaths in detention, disappearances, and other crimes in Rwanda. According to the US government, the regime should independently and transparently investigate “credible allegations of unlawful or arbitrary arrests and detentions, killings, and enforced disappearances of human rights defenders.” Similarly, the UK government has asked the regime to “conduct transparent, credible and independent investigations into allegations of extrajudicial killings, deaths in custody, enforced disappearances and torture, and bring perpetrators to justice.” Stay tuned.