The USA should change it’s policy in Africa and stop creating and hiding behind dictators

The US point of view about the Burundi crisis is in contradiction with the international law.

RNC England writes on facebook: ” I always wonder why Americans are shouting about Nkurunziza third term but silent about kagame’s president for life bid. These inconsistencies and double standards make even their otherwise reasonable interventions seem machiavellian. Why is it bad in Burundi but tolerable in Rwanda?.the situation in Rda is even more worrying than Burundi. The fact that burundians can express their opinions freely is indication that there is democracy. In Rda, like in Hitler’s Germany or Staline’s Ussr, the state controls everything, none can dare challenging our dictator. Is that what Americans and you call stability? Remember, the volcano ends up erupting.To the point of having prisoners with eternal life to the regime that has mistreated them isn’t a good sign of free speech”.

Some Africans realize the USA does not like any leader who is popular and gets on power by universal direct suffrage!!

This is very sad to notice but it seems to be true.

Bosco Mutarambirwa writes on his facebook page:” Promoting criminals, such as Kagame, and lying about it in the name of the American people…

People have the naive notion that democracies are interested in promoting democracy, but that’s not true, and for good reason. The fundamental job of democratic leaders, he explains, is to implement policies that will benefit constituents at home, not in another country. Because a dictatorial leader needs to appease cronies, democratic leaders often find they can simply pay dictators to do what they want. It’s a win-win for the dictator, who needs cash, and for the democrat, who needs policies that satisfy voters back home.

More at…/story/20150531-will-dictators-disappear.”

The USA should change it’s policy in Africa and stop hiding behind dictators. They will be stronger if they chose to promote democracy and to cooperate with popular democratic parties and not relying on tyrannies as they do in Rwanda and Uganda.


Brussels, June 3rd, 2015

Innocent Twagiramungu