Mr. William James Perry who delivered weapons to Kagame to attack Congo and exterminate Hutu refugees in eastern Congo.  

By Mashira

Paul Kagame; the actual not-elected President of Rwanda and Chairman of the African Union, is a Mafia born in Rwanda on a tutsi family, on 23rd October 1957 at Nyarutovu of Tambwe District in Southern Province of Rwanda. In 1961 after a hutu revolution which abolished a 400 years tutsi kingdom, kagame and his family left Rwanda to Gahunge refugee camp in Uganda. When he was 15 years old in 1972; after losing his father Rutagambwa who died of Famine, Kagame tried to attend the Ntare secondary school of Mbarara, where he was fired because of misconducts. Kagame also tried the old school of Kampala with no success. In 1976 kagame returned at Mbarara where he started to vend eggs on a tray.

In 1979 like many other tutsi refugees, Kagame joined the Ugandan rebels led by Yoweri Museveni who fought against Idi Amin with full support of the United States. After struggle and victory in 1986, Museveni became President of Uganda and Kagame who had fought as a mercenary was promoted Major in the new Army. It is during this time, that the USA had concluded its plan of Attacking Congo Kinshasa, for very important minerals which were going to change the life of the 21st century; Coltan and Cobalt. More than 80 % of the world coltan and more than 60 % of the world cobalt are in Congo. Coltan was going to help in the fabrication of mobile phones, smart phones, iPads, laptops, and many more electronics that the world started to use in 2000s, and Cobalt for the aerostat industry.

For the USA, Rwanda was targeted as a military base to attack Congo. The pretext and political reason of this stealing war was the return of the 1959 tutsi refugees who had spent 30 years outside the country without help or will of the USA to be peacefully repatriated. In 1988, the USA consulted Museveni of Uganda to see how the young tutsi refugees who had a dream to go back to their country no matter what, could make part of the plan. 

Museveni who knew the potentials of his Rwandan officers; under a big secret, chose Fred Rwigema for mobilization and start of the battle, while Kagame’s potentials of bloodshed allowed him to immediately go to USA In Kansas to get full instructions of the future conquest of Rwanda and Congo. In Uganda, the USA fully equipped militarily these young Rwandans led by Rwigema, who actually knew nothing about the real aim of the war. In June 1989 Kagame went to USA, and October 1st 1990, Rwigema in front of many young Rwandans crossed the border fighting. On the next day, October 2nd, with the instructions of the USA, commandos from Uganda killed Fred Rwigema who had played his part. Remember he did not make part of the real deal. 

Few days after, Kagame was released from USA, and led the struggle with a very different direction. After killing everyone who had the initial spirit of repatriation; Kagame turned the struggle into a civil war to make every Rwandan believe that it was tribal based. After erasing Rwigema and his opinion, Kagame needed new fighters with a new ideology based on tribal differences. He knew that hutus and tutsis inside the country lived in harmony so that none of tutsis could join him without a reason. He started to exterminate hutu civilians of Byumba and Ruhengeri Regions provoking the hutu based government of the time, so that whenever tutsi civilians inside the country are agitated find refuge to him. This plan worked because the hutu based government maltreated some tutsi civilians including imprisonment, and death.

In 1991, Kagame had got enough tutsi fighters who fled the troubles from different regions of Rwanda. Apart from this, Kagame and his employers needed more power by creating confrontations between hutus of the regime. In 1992 the USA imposed the existence of the so called multiparty, which mission was to create havoc on behalf of the conquest. Few days later; during the so called the Arusha peace accords, the USA imposed the same government very complicated process of share of power with Kagame as a pretext. In August 1993 the USA again obliged Habyarimana’s government to receive 600 armed rebels in the house of parliament in Kigali, where kagame should make his last moves to power.            

In November 1993, the USA asked France to move out its troops from Rwanda, and moved in its troops of UN, as usually to help kagame winning the war at any cost. While Kagame distracting the government with grenades attacks, the MINUAR troops led by Romeo Dallaire were busy smuggling in more rebels and surveying good positions where the Presidential aircraft should be shot from. Two missiles were also smuggled in from Uganda, and Paul Kagame was ready to crumble down the head of the country. Few days before 6 April 1994, the USA organized a summit at Dar-Es- Salam, of the so called review of implementation of the Arusha peace accords that President Habyarimana was obliged to attend and shot while returning home. 

On 6th April 1994 around 8:27 Pm while landing At the Kanombe international airport, Habyarimana was awaited by the USA commandos and the RPF soldiers who were good prepared. President Habyarimana’s aircraft was shot down and he died with the whole delegation. After this atrocity, nothing was left for the hutu based government. On 7th April 1994 the hutu militias set the road blocks and started to murder tutsi civilians. To make this war more tribal and civil, Kagame introduced some of his troops in these killing of both sides while he was busy conquering an empty land. 

The hutu based government which was in war against Kagame’s troops, wrote a letter to the UN on 12th May 1994 to intervene for helping to stop the civil killings, but Kagame refused saying that there was no need to rescue those who were dying. He added that he was ready to fight any intervention which would come to rescue the victims. Obviously, he said this being sure that any peace keeping intervention could stop his victory. On the other side, the USA had the same view, they also aimed Kagame’s victory to take them to Congo, not those who were being killed. To Paul Kagame, saving tutsis who were dying was not a priority, but their death was his bridge to power and a way toward Congo for his Western bosses. There were enough MINUAR (UN) soldiers in Rwanda with enough equipment not to stop the violence, but to help Kagame winning the war at any cost of blood.  

The Hutu based government was confronted openly by the Westerners until its fall in July 1994. Kagame’s celebration of victory was a nonstop extermination of hutu civilians all over the country. Notably in Kibeho hutu displaced camp on 22 April 1995 where he killed more than 100 thousands hutu civilians in front of the so called UN (MINUAR) peace keepers, in Ndera of Kigali between January and August 1995, Gahini and Rukara of the actual Eastern province between July 1994 and May 1996, and so many other places. In 1996 Kagame’s instructions from Bill Clinton and Tony Blair were to attack Congo for minerals. In August 1996 Kagame went to USA to get the full orders. On 6th and 7th August 1996, Kagame met the high officials including the USA secretary general of defense of the time, Mr. William James Perry; whose mission was to provide the necessary munitions to Kagame for the war in DRC.  

On 18th October 1996 some Congolese notably, Laurent Kabila and Deogracias Bugera; a tutsi born in Congo, were consulted to make part of the deal. On Thursday 31st October 1996, the troops of Kagame led by James Kabarebe crossed the border toward Congo, and that was the beginning of a war which cost life to more than 8milion of people; Hutu and Congolese. During this invasion Kagame exterminated thousands of hutu civilians and destroyed all camps in both Kivu regions North and South. During this war of pillage, millions of Congolese died. To date, Congo; the richest African country of natural resources, is a delicious meal to the western world, an abattoir and desert of famine, a ground of human rights violation and women rape, and a real hell to the Congolese.

From 1997 to 2000 Kagame exterminated Hutu civilians of the North region of Rwanda, on 17th April 2000 Kagame threw out President Pasteur Bizimungu and forcibly replaced him. On 16th January 2001 he killed Laurent Kabila, and continued to plunder the DRC in cooperation with the western world. Paul Kagame, the actual USA Puppet of Africa, perpetrated unexplainable atrocities to date. The number of those he killed is estimated to 10 million of people and the world decided to remain silent. All Rwandans inside the country are his prisoners, and the rest are refugees all over the world. He forcibly made himself President by killing and imprisoning innocents, stealing their properties and forcing Rwandans out. 

We will always hear the USA complaining about the Presidential 3rd term in Burundi and Congo but we can never hear the same complaint going to the slaughter Paul Kagame who runs the country as a mafia-hood; Why, because he is their tool. Though there were recently some troubles between him and his bosses because of the issue of M23, that he used to steal them, yet they have a contract for him. A contract to eliminate Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi and Joseph Kabila of DRC just because these two refused to continuously be their slaves and changed the alliances. Here the question is not how, but when. The Westerners have already given him a tittle which might be used to eliminate both Heads of states; The African Union Chairman. Here ensues a question to know when Africans will be free from the western violence.

As I mentioned before, the western world destroyed my sovereign country Rwanda, just for its interests in Congo. By using Paul Kagame, millions of Rwandans died and they are still being killed by this troop of gangsters who occupy Rwanda as a reward from the USA. Inside Rwanda everyone is a hostage of these Mafias, they kill, torture, imprison and loot whoever they want. The rest of Rwandans were forced out; they are refugees and homeless all-over the world. This is the tragedy that Rwandans inherited from Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Though our wounds are still leaking, there is hope that one day our mourn will have an end, but it will be very hard to forget or forgive. This history will be transmitted to the children of our grand-children for generation to generation.