Theophile Ntirutwa Survived an Assassination plot by the Regime in Kigali and then he was arrested

Mr. Ntirutwa Theophile

By Innocent Justice

On September 6, 2017, Mr. Ntirutwa Theophile who was the leader of the United Democratic Forces (FDU) in Kigali went missing. He was held incommunicado for seventeen days until his family found him on September 23, at the notorious Remera police station. Ntirutwa and several FDU members were thrown in prison on bogus charges the regime uses against anyone who oppose it. He served 30 months in a maximum security prison and then he was released on January 25, 2020 after the court found him innocent. After his release, Ntirutwa joined a newly formed political party DALFA Umurinzi that was founded by the former president of the FDU, Ms. Ingabire Victoire. On Monday, May 11, 2020, a compound where Ntirutwa lives and does his business was attacked by the pro-government killing squad. Ntirutwa narrowly survived the assassination, unfortunately, the Reverend Bapfakurera Theoneste was stabbed to death.

According to a reliable information from a human rights activist who is based in Kigali, the attack took place around 7:55PM local time. Ntirutwa who runs a small business was with friends and some family members. They were surprised by a killing squad that was armed with traditional weapons and pistols. When the attackers arrived at Ntirutwa’s boutique, they asked a question, “Who is Theo?” They were two Theos in the same boutique. Reverend Bapfakurera Theoneste who also goes by “Theo” responded, “I am Theo!” Without any hesitation, killers bounded his arms behind his back and then they stabbed him to death. Ntirutwa and other survivors scattered in different rooms and they hid there. After the killing squad killed the Reverend Bapfakurera Theoneste they said, “ the mission is accomplished now we can leave,” little they knew, was that they killed the wrong Theo!

After the killing squad left, Ntirutwa and other survivors called the police to report the incident. Police force, which the regime uses to make its opponent disappear or assassinate them, came with an agenda. Nirutwa who narrowly survived assassination, his wife, his sister and two other survivors were arrested. When the attack took place the following people were present: Reverend Bapfakurera Theoneste ( the landlord of Ntirutwa), Mr. Ntirutwa Theophile, Ms. Mushimiyimana Emerithe (Ntirutwa’s wife), Ms. Mukantwari Francine (Ntirutwa’s sister), Mr. Hakizimana Frodward, and Mr. Rudasingwa Jean Bosco. When the police arrested Ntirutwa Theophile and his wife they left their two children, 5 years and 7 years old unattended! As I write this article all survivors are held incommunicado by the regime of Paul Kagame. We call for justice for the Reverend Bapfakurera Theoneste and an immediate release for five survivors.