“….this is sad…”: Raissa Ujeneza, Victoire Ingabire’s daughter

‎”A sentence of 8 years for Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza… Some may think it is a mild sentence seen they had requested a life sentence against her. Others may argue that the verdict is a soft one seen the accusations against her were very serious. Nevertheless it remains that this sentence of 8 years imprisonment means that an innocent person is being jailed for speaking out against what it perceived to be wrong with the Rwandan government. It means another person is silenced, as few have already been jailed for criticising the Kagame regime. This is sad. Not only because it shows that Rwanda is not progressing. But also because this means my mother is being kept away from us, her family, for 8 more years. I am thankful for knowing the Lord and for the hope & peace I have in Him. I pray that all may find comfort in the Lord for that makes all the difference when you feel like the world lets you down.”

by Raissa Ujeneza


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