“Though your beginning was insignificant, yet your end will increase greatly.”

By Gakwerere

Job 8:7 – “Though your beginning was insignificant, yet your end will increase greatly.”

Today, Rwandans woke up to political and military earthquake, the actual dismissal of very senior RDF military officers – Lt Gen karenzi karake, Major Gen Jack Nziza and Brig Gen Gashayija Bagirigomwa.

This dismissal shouldn’t be considered like any other dismissal. It is a colossal military shake up, especially when you consider the dismissal of Maj Gen Jack Nziza – Rwanda’s renowned assassination expert and the master of political intrigue. He has been Rwanda’s intelligence enforcer since 1997, extremely ruthless on his role and uniquely determined to eliminate anyone on his way.

On my little argument, I will be looking at one particular character. A character that would befit in Shirley Jackson’s book, “The haunting of hill house.” Major Gen Jack Nziza who is 100% a Ugandan – Umufumbira and a first cousin to Uganda’s IGP Kale Kayihura, has worked for Paul Kagame as an intelligence enforcer with unlimited powers.

Powers which made him to be the shadowy controller of the RPF, the appointing authority within the public sector to the extent that ministers had to get his blessings before being appointed. He was the chief controller of media houses, those that didn’t abide, they were closed and their journalists facing his wrath – imprisonment or exile being an option.

The business community faced his relentless havoc with constantly demanding them to contribute in RPF coffers. Mention his name within the private sector – cries and tears of hurtfulness falls. Those that he blessed succeeded and those that he didn’t like where sent to hall of hell, destitution, imprisonment, wealth grabbing by the state and assassination being prime. Some commentators referred to him as the defacto Vice president, always in charge of the country when his criminal boss is trotting the world in his endless world tours.

In the military, his arm twisting was everywhere. He wrote lying dossiers to those army officers that he distasted. Several RDF military officers have met their creator, imprisonment or exiled due to this man’s unprofessional behaviours. Those military officers that Jack Nziza blessed, where given sensitive positions to lead and he had substantial influence in the ranking committee. In short, he was the real Chief of Defence Forces (CDF). The only time when he didn’t have control over the CDF was during the tenure of Lt Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa, at the time and this led to constantly giving false reports to Kagame in regard to Lt Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa. The dossier that Gen Kayumba was building a parallel army within the RDF in order to make a coup d’état was compiled by Maj Gen Jack Nziza.

Trust, in their midst – current, retired and former RDF officers are celebrating to night. This semi illiterate character was a cold -blooded, heartless and lying sucker. The chief leader of to night’s celebration will be Brig Gen Emmanuel Ndahiro, a former Kagamist blue eyed boy who was pushed on the side ways by Gen Jack Niza’s poisonous intrigue.
Wives, children, mothers, fathers, relatives…..etc, have lost their loved ones due to this man’s unprofessional decision.

He provided unprofessional information to Rwanda’ deluded dictator, who would in turn give catastrophic orders without cross checking on the info. To Gen Jack Nziza, lies was his oath, terror his name and death his culture. God, the sicko unleashed those inhumane philosophies – DMI was turned into his image, a wicked organisation. On his pedigree in snatching and grabbing married wives is a topic of another day.

This extraordinary dismissal reminds me of Paul Kagame’s words to his military officers, “I am the one who made you, and if the need arises, I will send you back to your former selves.” In Paul Kagame’s chess game of survival, everyone is dispensable. The number of brainless sycophants and zombies to take up the places are in abundant.

Will Paul Kagame make Gen Jack Nziza a persona non grata and send him back to Uganda where he belongs? This won’t happen, because the dictator can’t allow a person who knows much of his secrets out of his sight. Will Kagame release Gen Jack Nziza to tutsis who are preying for his blood? Will Kagame send him to his death for knowing too much of his dirty secrets? Or will Kagame appoint him as an ambassador in obscure country in Africa?….All those are options before the King of Rwanda.

For sure, from the info I have received since morning, Gen Jack Nziza’s stars are in black code – things are not good. Members of the presidential guards who were in charge of his security have been withdrawn, replaced by young DMI personnel unknown to him.

For me, nothing has changed. I am still black listed, movement restricted and being hunted by the junta regime. ARITUA Continua!!!

NB: Lt Col René Ngendahimana, RDF’s army spokesperson and Jack Nziza’s blue eyed boy was also dismissed from Kagame’s Army.