Today marks 2 years since you left this planet through the hand of the evil son of man.

Today is the date that blows our mind and even minds of many who shared your love and laughter. we vividly face it as though it was like yesterday. We could have chosen to be defined by it but we have refused,we could have been destroyed by it but we have also refused instead we have chosen to be strengthed by it.

We watch as your comrades continue the struggle to overcome the evil that took your life untimely and get more strength. We watch and see how your legacy will stand forever and cherish the lord for his goodness for those he allows to go for his glory so that his people may know that truth which was hidden from them.
This also gives us the strength we need.

A friend commented recently that your killer is like a button hanging on one thread that is likely to drop any time

I loughed hard with sorrow and only hoped you watch from above and do your old joke like “look at youself!!”
And asked how many more steps he wants to walk for the hanging button to drop? Then I went sad. The beauty of the whole matter is that we are not alone in this and we will overcome and surely we will see the button fall.
You are dearly missed as we remember and plan to celebrate your 2nd year memorial. Keep resting in peace my love.

A FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER Family and friends keep praying for us to be more strong. It is not easy but by grace of God we are through this year and we hope to get through the next.

We love you.

Leah Karegeya