Top 5 Creative Writing Exercises for Students: Igniting Imagination and Academic Achievement

When you do not like to write or fail to find an inspiration to create something beautiful, you must seek motivation and explore your inner being. This is where you must get creative as you write and connect your academic challenges to things you know well. Even if it requires going beyond the curriculum, you still have to move out of your comfort zone and do something no other student has done before. All you have to do is ignite your imagination and inspire others to do the same as you work on group projects or provide something deeply personal. 

  1. Choosing a Topic That Inspires You & Time Trick. 

One of the best creative writing exercises is to write based on a topic that motivates you. What you have to do is to set a certain period of time and write down as much as comes to your head. Do not ever stop, and let your brain work freely! If you cannot find a good prompt, consider Trust My Paper as a great academic service provider. Talk to an expert and explain your situation to receive proper assistance and an inspiring subject! 

  1. Participate in Community Projects. 

Another great way to write something creative is to take part in volunteering projects. A great option is to work with the local scouting branch and inspire youngsters to write stories and ideas for a camp party. Likewise, you can practice your skills by writing down the style of a famous writer by copying the style or the time period. When you get both young and old inspired, you will take writing to another level! 

  1. Start a Personal Blog. 

Imagine that you are a journalist or researcher on a particular topic. You can start a personal blog or open a social media group on Facebook by discussing a certain subject. It can be anything from history and local events to cyberpunk and futuristic projects. Write down in the style of what life would be like in the future. Just get creative! 

  1. Reflective Essay Writing. 

Another interesting creative writing exercise to consider is to take a trip to a certain place and write a reflection by using as much descriptive language as you can. It is good to do so with a group of friends and compare your essays later to see what every person has been able to capture. It will help to train your memory and other cognitive skills. It is a great competitive game that will provide you with hours of leisure and help you to spend more time outside! 

  1. Learning How to Take Notes. 

Another great way to train your creative writing is to implement the latest technology. While you can write down something that comes to your mind, another great exercise is to use an app called Dragon Dictation. It helps you to record your voice and translate it to text. It’s a great way to write down your thoughts and edit them later as you capture the moment of Eureka!

Reading and Writing is Always Connected!

One of the best ways to remain inspired as you write is to read more. It does not even matter what you read as long as you take notes and pay attention to how a message is being delivered. While you may not really tell what narrative style is used right away, you will see that the majority of news online or in newspapers is done in an argumentative style. Likewise, if you want to create a blog and attract visitors, you have to use an explanatory tone with basic marketing skills. It is what you learn by reading and paying attention to how this or that is written. It’s a secret trick that will pay off in the long run, making you a writer! 


Brandon Metcalfe is an avid explorer and researcher with a passion for creative writing and traveling. As an educator, Brandon loves to write and share helpful tricks to stay inspired. Follow Brandon to take your studies to another level and become a great writer.