Top 5 Things Online Casinos Can Do to Surprise Players

Keeping players interested is the key to making an online casino profitable. But in order to make customers interested, many online casinos for real money fail to realize the importance of the “surprise factor”. So how do online casinos keep players engaged?

Gaming resource owners wonder how to entice and keep online gamblers engaged in the rapid growth of online gambling. There is a direct correlation between whether or not online casinos enter the list of market leaders and their revenues. Good customer acquisition and retention strategies require time and investment. Consider the most effective surprise methods for marketing casinos geared toward attracting as many customers as possible and maximizing profits.

Offer Good Casino Bonuses and Promotions

With bonus offers, you can gain new customers and hold onto the interest of regular players. Offering players appropriate and surprising free spins no deposit offers can also entice them back when they have taken a long break from the site. Here are some of the most ingenious bonus ideas:

  • Loyalty programs
  • New account bonuses
  • Reload bonuses
  • Free Spins
  • Cashbacks
  • VIP offers

Online casinos have loyalty programs that offer first deposit bonuses, welcome points, and automatic multiplying for members. The site can provide regular players with an additional scoring system, holiday deals, and gifts. Moreover, registration bonuses are offered to encourage customers to try the site. You can offer an enticing reload bonus after the welcome bonus has expired. This can include a variety of scoring systems for replenishment and deposit duplication.

There are a number of reasons why free spins are incredibly effective in retaining casino players and increasing their interest in particular slot machines. Spins are inexpensive and perceived as beneficial by players, making them an economically viable option for casino owners. In addition to the welcome bonus, there is a lot of good stuff for players: loyalty points that are awarded for inviting new players, cashback promotions, free play games, and VIP programs.

There are also one-time and permanent offers that can be quite surprising and appealing to the customers. The usual season’s deals, holiday promotions, and bonuses, as well as special gifts such as free tickets to events, VIP manager services, etc. It is also possible to cross-promote. In other words, you get lucrative and attractive betting terms. In order to increase total brand loyalty, cross-selling is advantageous for a company that offers a variety of gambling games. Suppose a casino owner also positions themselves as a bookmaker.

Bonuses offered by an online casino should be well balanced, since players can lose scores and switch to another website. It is essential to develop a bonus policy that benefits both new clients and existing clients seamlessly.

Update Your Games Library with the Newest Slots

As the number of games on the gambling resource increases, the wider the audience it will appeal to. Also, when you offer the newest titles all the time, the players will have something new to be excited about every time they decide to play. Furthermore, a list of slots should include both generally popular and highly specialized options. 

A well-known manufacturer or supplier of online casino products must ensure reliability and perfect quality to guarantee good gaming results. In addition, providers should give you detailed information about the product and its features before you purchase games. It’s possible to start with a small package of the most popular slots. Collections should be updated according to customer preferences and new market supplies.

Be sure to know the types of games your target audience prefers before launching your online casino. If a website is aimed at players from a certain region, it should offer the most popular games from that region. Despite its popularity in some Asian countries, Sic-Bo won’t be popular elsewhere. Also, players from India love playing Andar Bahar, while players from the UK or US avoid playing it.

Do Proper Gambling Website Localization

Casinos that cater to many regions and countries should offer their clients information in the native language of the country. Therefore, the web page should be translated into different languages so that people can pick a language that suits them and get as much information about promotions, bonuses, and special offers as they need. The same goes with the in-game content.

If you want to surprise your customers and offer them an unforgettable casino experience, website language localization is the way to go. Players will always appreciate special attention and your website should try its best to accommodate their needs. It is one of the major advantages to shift to a language that is familiar to them.

Launch a Casino App and Optimize Your Site for Mobile Use

Most players prefer the convenience of playing games of chance on smartphones, and the share of mobile devices keeps growing year after year. A combination of technological advances, improving communication quality, and powerful gadgets have caused it to be widespread. Gamblers love when they can access a casino and play the games without a computer.

If you want to surprise your players and give them a choice when it comes to playing on mobile devices you can decide to launch an app and also optimize your website for mobile use. Each of these is crucial for customer acquisition and retention, so you might as well invest a little bit of money and time into it. 

Keep in mind that the majority of mobile users use either android or iOS operating systems. Sometimes this means that you might not be able to launch an app straight to the Google Play Store or AppStore – dispensing on the region and market in question. However, you can still develop a casino app your customers can download straight from your website via an apk.

Offer a Variety of Payment Options

A prompt financial transaction within the system plays a major role in online casino client loyalty. You can deposit and withdraw funds using various payment methods, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies. It’s always good to have more options. Online casinos offer several methods for depositing and withdrawing funds. Here are some of them:

  • Credit and Debit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • eWallets
  • Wire transfers
  • Mobile payments
  • Cryptocurrency

Online casinos commonly accept Visa and Mastercard as payment options. Both are easy, safe, and attainable by the broadest range of customers. In addition to these card options, you can also include prepaid card options some casino players find convenient such as Paysafecard. E-wallet systems provide convenience, but some are not available in all countries. Some of the most popular ones are PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. 

And while some prefer faster payment options, other players will rather turn to wire transfer or even e-cheques. Remember that payment methods are also quite region-specific. So, for example, if your target region is Africa, you might want to include mobile payments and M-Pesa. 

Still, if you really want to surprise your customers you should make sure that your site accepts cryptocurrency payments. A growing number of players are using crypto to pay due to the safe and anonymous nature of blockchain technology. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin are just some of the digital currencies you can include. 


Your online casino businesses can succeed and gain consistent profitability by effectively acquiring and retaining customers – however, doing the bare minimum isn’t going to cut it. You will have to be innovative and have ideas that will lure more players and keep them interested in playing with your brand. Surprising casino players aren’t that easy nowadays, but with the right kind of business strategy and a little bit of creativity, you can keep them interested.