Top 5 Ways You Can Manage Sobriety After Rehabilitation

Even if you are tempted, there is no fooling the doctors and therapists. But what do you do when you leave the facility and find yourself under your own control?

Sobriety after the withdrawal of control can be difficult!

Now, you must be wondering why the term control is latched. It is because when you are in an inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation center, there is someone always there to control your sobriety.

Even if you are tempted, there is no fooling the doctors and therapists. But what do you do when you leave the facility and find yourself under your own control? Post sobriety temptations are less intense, but they are there, so what are you going to do then?

Here is what you can do. In this excerpt below, we will be discussing some of the best activities to maintain sobriety.

1. Holistic Activities

This is complete healing for your mind, body, and soul. When you get into holistic practices and do it right, tranquility is a result. You will be more in control of your body and mind, which can prevent you from giving in to temptation.

Plus, holistic activities are also excellent distractions. Some of the holistic activities are-

– Yoga.

– Acupuncture therapy.

– Art therapy.

– Music Therapy.

– Aroma therapy.

If you look closely, you will find that all these post-rehabilitation activities are to make one feel peaceful. Exactly the opposite they would feel with their jittery nerve when under intoxication.

2. Constant Motivation 

You will need a constant source of motivation to keep you away from bad thoughts. It is only when you are constantly reminded how fruitful sobriety can be and how ghastly the life of addiction can turn out in the long run.

The best motivation is through living vicariously through someone else’s lens. So, why not get that motivation by reading some addiction survival stories and watching movies which show the character triumph amidst all the difficulties in recovery?

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3. Changing Your Friend Cycle

Your friend circle should be nothing but supportive of your decision to take upon sobriety. Things that shouldn’t peer pressure into.

– Do it in ‘moderation.’ For someone who has been through the worst side of addiction, there is no such thing as moderation.

– Pressure you to take a small sip and promise to stop you when it gets too much.

– Mock you for making decisions for yourself (the worst kind).

Maybe it is time to change some friend circles, and they do not always have to be the worst kind. Maybe their Friday night plans always include dinner, which you are not very comfortable with, so you would rather have a circle who are a bunch of sober people.

4. Find A New Hobby

It is not a set rule that you will find the beauty of sobriety in the solace of someone else’s company. You can do things solo and find new highs which are not intoxicating and neither harm you in any way.

Try to go out more, spend some time in nature, join a cooking class and learn to bake something. Whatever you do, understand the meaning behind these activities, and make an action plan where you can pick them up whenever you have an urge to break your long sobriety.

5. Join A Self-Help Group

A self-help group is a must after inpatient rehabilitation. This is not your normal group of friends, but people with whom you can relate to. These are some of the best things that a former patient of addiction can enroll in.

You will come across many such individuals who are dealing with the same temptations and fighting every day to combat them. You will not only get some motivation, but your story can also motivate someone else struggling.

Knowing that someone looks up to you can act as a great agent to keep you moving.

Try It Yourself!

By now, there was a bigger force always telling you to stop your temptations and remain sober, but now you are on your own. Think of it as your first test on the journey of sobriety, and once you pass, these things get even easier.

We are sure that with the advice above, you should be making progress in your sobriety journey. If you have other advice or something else that works for you, let us know for our other sober friend.