Ugandan Security in Panic Mode over the Assassination attempt of CMI Boss.

By Seruga Titus

A while back a list of Ugandans belonging to the army, police, media was forwarded to Pilato seeking for final clearance on action to be taken.

This list included CMI boss Abel Kandiho, Brig Kaka, JATT Director Asiimwe Charlie aka CK, Gerenal Henry Tumukunde, Salim Saleh, General Elly Tumwine, General David Muhoozi, Brig Sabiiti, Ali Kabanda, Isa Arinatwe , Brig Kyanda Media personalities like Ndawula Stanley (Investigator), Sarah Kagingo ( Soft Power) and Seruga Titus (The Informant).

Rwanda’s DMI claimed that these individuals above ,sabotaged Rwanda’s Intelligence missions and vision.

It’s believed that plan to assassinate these individuals was approved for action.

CMI ABel Kandiho made himself an obvious target of assassination the day he confirmed that reports by Kabanda were true that Rwandan Intelligence has used Ugandan Police officers to kidnap and assassinate Rwandan Refugees protected under the UN Geneva Convention 1951.

General Museveni gathered intelligence reports from ISO and CMI indicating That the Uganda Police had collected information and Shared it with Rwandan Intelligence which was used to murder over 400 Rwandan refugees claiming they were promoting war in Rwanda.

Abel was recruited to work with Rwandan Intelligence but he pledged his allegiance to the Ugandan side and refused the deal. Its believed that Ugandan Intelligence however left him in play to fool Rwandan Intelligence that he had accepted their deal.

This was clear justification why Museveni appointed him for the job, his appointment fooled DMI that it was their own in charge at CMI.

General Museveni also appointed another Asiimwe Charles as JATT Director, JATT is the operations unit of CMI, it’s made up of highly trained officers, CK is highly trained and good at both operations and report formation, he is widely feared as Uganda’s next Intelligence boss for his attention to Detail. Asiimwe was tasked to arrest all hardcore criminals related to Rwanda, his force working with ISO operatives arrested Kitata, Nixon, Aguma Minina And many others related to Rwanda.

He Asiimwe at one time fearlessly penetrated Rwanda and removed a person of interest without being detected . This caused the firing of many Rwandan intelligence officials earning him the position of target number three. Asiimwe moves in a three car convoy with a bullet proof vehicle. His family is also properly guarded to present kidnap.

General Tumukunde, known for his straight forward speaking, the General has the most skilled Intelligence operatives, his High Intelligence skills helped outsmart Rwandan Intelligence by leading them to total failure. General Tumukunde will see a person spying on him and still give him the information Twisted. During his time as minister of Security he was made aware of the spy in his office and bags in his office, he never acted on this intelligence directly by giving them wrong intel intentionally.
Tumukunde a close ally to General Saleh is very reserved and has never been friends with Pilato, the three generals were close friends to Late Major Rwigyema, they all believe that Kagame had a hand in assassinating Rwigyema in the earlier days of the Rwandan liberation war.

Rwanda wrongly believes that these three combined are that reason they are having problems, they believe that France is funding Kayumba’s rebel group through these three generals with the assistance of CMI.

Rwanda therefore resolved that to weaken General Museveni, its best to first remove his three trusted Generals, the move has so far not yielded results since the three are the most highly guarded former military officers. General Saleh moves in armored vehicle, Tumukunde and Tumwine also have armored vehicles, they all have highly trained Military escorts on their guard 24 seven with restrictions of their lifestyle.

Get into Isa Arinatwe a former CMI operative with Rwandan Origin, Isa was recruited by Rwanda for his connection with Rwanda just like many Ugandans under which similar connections they have been recruited.
I-am sure you have all heard Rwanda complain that Uganda is Arresting Rwandan, these are agents that have been identified and snipper agents by intelligence after a failed plot to assassinate individuals in Uganda.

General Museveni Assassination plot, Rwanda recruited and paid ISA to help four assassins Carry out the most deadly mission in Uganda, ISA was Rwanda’s point man but forwarded mission specs to General Museveni Who promised to have his mother retrieved from Rwanda, indeed the mother was miraculously brought back to Uganda and provided protection to where the the President went ahead and gave her and ISA a house and even offered to purchase for her a farm, however this promise has never come to pass. Assassinators were killed in an operation to arrest them and the guns meant for the job recovered Today as I write this ,SFC guards are stationed at ISA’s home guarding the mother these guards have been increased.

Meanwhile ISA is on the run fearing for his life, he has turned into a UN witness of Crimes against Humanity committed by Rwanda against refugees, please note that a case has already be filed against such acts by refugees. ISA is believed to have knowledge and information on how victims where identified and setup for murder by the Rwandan regime using Ugandan security.

In to Ali Kabanda, having attending meetings and missions, he is the only Ugandan Individual that came out to expose these missions to General Museveni, the President was aware that such missions were taking place, he had recieved querries of kidnaps and disappearances of Refugees, the UNHCR had sent complaints but there was no one to pin Rwanda and police officers, until Kabanda posted a report that went viral, the President was then put under pressure to enhance his intelligence. Kabanda was provided security and protection but he feared for his life and left the country, he later surfaced as. Credible witness in a filed in ICC on the kidnap and murder of over 35 Rwandese Refugees, Kabanda remains under threat despite UN protection in a high secret place.

Ndawula, Kagingo and Myself remained the only bloggers call us media personalities that openly reported on these events without fear, Ndawula who remains a target was arrested, Kagingo a highly connected lady is heavily guarded every time security smells a rat, Rwandan Intelligence finds it risky to operate in Belgium having received caution by Belgium intelligence before that this is not their playing ground.

The Attack on Brig Kyanda the army chief of staff, days back I reported that a Ugandan General was attacked, two of his guns where stolen. Circumstance that lead to this theft of his guns remain top secret to me in protection of his privacy, Kyanda recovered these guns at the Busia Boarder and survived court martial which was the intention of the attackers.

The attack on Kaka Failed after extensive investigations on this wall revealed that he had been setup on the murder of two foreigners, this led to the firing of the IGP and other police officers.

Operations like these have being going on blackmailing and assassinating individuals in Uganda that are believed not to act in the interest of Rwanda. Ugandans of Rwandese origin have been forced to act for Rwanda and perform tasks that are otherwise considered treasonable in Uganda. Those who have failed to perform tasks are assassinated for fear that they will give information to Uganda’s intelligence.