Uganda celebrated 50 years of independence this month (October) and if you were at Kololo or simply home watching on your TV, you may have caught a glimpse of the new limousine that the jubilee independence day celebration host, President Y.K Museveni arrived in for the function. Well the Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard limousine is a state of the art presidential cruiser designed for individuals in such positions, as its name might just suggest. But here are a couple of things you just may want to know about this car:


  1. It has a twelve-cylinder bi-turbo engine with a displacement of 5513 cubic CMs and an output of 380 kW/517 hp with an impressive 830 Nm of torque which can allow an effortless superior power delivery, allowing it to get out of a danger zone rapidly, should the need arise.
  2. It is has a remarkably spacious interior thanks to its 4315-millimetre wheelbase (115 centimeters longer than that of the long version of the S-Class) and with an overall length of 6356 millimeters coupled with a harmonious design, the vehicle is of true majestic proportions
  3. It also has a more steeply raked rear window that enables a 60-millimetre increase in roof height which makes for more generous headroom in the rear compartment and the vehicle’s ride height can be raised pneumatically by some 40 millimeters to ensure no inconvenience for variations in height for the passengers and to also allow more dignity.
  4. The vehicle’s suspension is designed to ensure that the excellent level of comfort typical of Mercedes is maintained despite the increased weight of the vehicle.
  5. It is fitted with the full complement of airbags as well as a new windowbag which was specially developed for the Pullman in order to protect all the passengers in the extended rear compartment.
  6. The Pullman has woods and exquisite leather, every detail of which is crafted to perfection, which give a stylish and elegant ambience to the interior.
  7. A standard-fit electrotransparent partition with an advanced lightweight structure (which becomes opaque at the touch of button) provides a sight and sound barrier between the high-ranking passengers and the driving area. A standard-fit intercom ensures that the driver and passengers can communicate at all times.
  8. The Pullman also has a powerful, specially optimized, rear-compartment air conditioning system and a unique, state-of-the-art infotainment system which is able to play all popular media formats in outstanding quality. The visual centerpiece of the system is a newly developed 19-inch flat-screen display with a 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen format), outstanding contrast and color depth.
  9. It has standard-fit V12-design individual rear seats equipped with massage and multicontour functionality as well as active ventilation. The individual facing seats featuring electric fore/aft adjustment and seat heating have the same high-quality design.
  10. Newly developed electric roller blinds for the windows in the rear compartment provide protection from prying eyes and ambient lighting in the rear creates a welcoming atmosphere in the dark while pivoting lighting with spotlights for all rear passengers provides ideal conditions for reading and working in the car.
  11. Front airbags which deploy in one or two stages, depending on the situation, sidebags, specially developed windowbags for the longer rear compartment, belt tensioners and NECK-PRO luxury head restraints.
  12. Its armour resists military-standard small-arms projectiles and provides protection against fragments from hand grenades and other explosive charges. Additional safety features include run-flat tyres, a self-sealing fuel tank and a fire-extinguishing system.
  13. The special-protection equipment package for the new S 600 Pullman Guard also incorporates the following features; A pneumatic emergency control system for the power windows, which operates independently of the on-board electronics; A special-protection fuel tank that reseals itself if perforated by shrapnel; A panic alarm system which can be activated from anywhere in the vehicle. It locks the doors to create a protected zone and alerts the outside world by means of a visual and audible alarm signals. It also allows communication with the outside world via an intercom; An optional rear camera which monitors the area behind the vehicle; A heated front windscreen and heated (in the area of the mirror triangle) front windows, and this despite the use of special glass; An infinitely adjustable doorhold system for all four doors; Rear doors that are pulled shut automatically over the last few millimetres.


All this is packaged at the highest level of standard delivery to ensure that the VIP passenger enjoys their travel and arrive with the least inconvenience at all times. You must be picturing yourself in this moving lounge but the real important question here is at what cost is all this coming. Let us not even go to the mind-boggling price that this beast of a luxury limousine may have cost the tax payer. Not to say that the big man doesnt deserve good treatment but to what extent? Maybe, just maybe, these jubilee independence celebrations may just have come at a pretty huge cost for Ugandans. I mean, there is this monster of a car, then there is the renovation of Kololo airstrip, then housing more than ten presidents and many other promotional drives. Just Saying anyway, so don’t know one dare call me unpatriotic since it is my love for this country that gives me this view.