UK Parliament Approves Relocation of Asylum Seekers to Rwanda

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

The House of Commons of the United Kingdom has passed Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s proposal to relocate asylum seekers to Rwanda. The vote tallied at 320 in favor and 276 against.

This proposal, originating from the Conservative Party of Prime Minister Sunak, encountered opposition from within the party itself. Out of about 60 Conservative MPs opposing the plan, only 11 cast a vote against it. The proposal has led to debates within the Conservative Party and the resignation of some of Sunak’s close allies. It now awaits the House of Lords’ approval before it can be implemented.

Critics of the plan have been vocal about their concerns, emphasizing the necessity for amendments to comply with international human rights laws. They argue that the current form of the proposal does not fully adhere to these standards.

Last year in November, the UK Supreme Court ruled against sending asylum seekers to Rwanda, pointing out legal issues. This decision necessitated the approval of both houses of the UK Parliament, a route taken by Prime Minister Sunak.

The plan involves the UK government allocating £290 million to Rwanda, which amounts to over 450.4 billion Rwandan francs, for managing the reception of asylum seekers.