UK Study Loan for International Students

Don’t worry about finance, once you are in the UK you need a secure storage unit company that provides storage for international students. Store and study!

The UK is one of the most coveted places for education, flaunting a treasure trove of globally recognized universities. Oxford, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics to name a few. The country has maintained its spot as a student-favorite among millions for decades.

If you’re among the ever-growing group of people with their hopes and dreams set on pursuing higher education in the UK, the first thing you need to do is explore your financial prospects. While domestic students must only send in their applications and wait for acceptance, the process isn’t nearly as simple for foreigners.

The UK is undeniably expensive and college fee is perhaps one of the priciest expenses one can afford in their lifetime. Even regular universities can cost around 20,000 pounds and that’s just the tuition fees alone.

Adding accommodation expenses to the mix will easily skyrocket this figure and increase your financial burden all the same. For most international students, being able to study in England is wholly reliant upon a scholarship to come through. But is that the only way?

We all know that the British government offers various financing options to its students but does that extend to international ones as well?

How the political climate has affected students worldwide

Back when the UK was a part of the EU, students belonging to the latter had easy access to British student finance. This entailed that they only had to pay what the average local did, which would be around half the total tuition fees paid by international students.

With Brexit going into effect, however, EU students with plans to enroll in a UK university come August 2021 are finding themselves at a disadvantage. Since they no longer qualify for regular student loans in the UK, affordability has gone down significantly. Unfortunately, many students have resorted to local colleges because of this factor alone.

Do you qualify for international student loans?

If you don’t have the money to pay the full fees nor the grades to apply for a scholarship, international student loans may be your only way into the UK. Naturally, there is a lot of speculation surrounding the question of whether the UK even offers such financing options to foreigners in the first place.

Simply put, it doesn’t. The UK primarily caters to local residents and some nationalities in the EU based on special exemptions. Regardless, this doesn’t mean you can’t get financing from anywhere! Remember, today’s globalized world offers enough opportunities for you to seize and there are various alternatives you could avail instead.

So then, it all comes down to how your home country works. Various nations such as the United States of America cater to local students who dream about going abroad. But what if your country doesn’t have any such mechanism in place? Rest assured, there might still be other types of options for you to explore.

  • Bank loans

A government-funded student loan doesn’t have to be your only ticket to a UK education. Why not take the traditional route and get a bank loan for your study needs? Regardless, this too depends on how things work in your nation.

Perhaps only a select few banks in your home country offer ‘study abroad’ financing options. In any case, you should definitely do your research and avail the most viable opportunity at your disposal.

  • Employer funding

In many developing countries of the world, some multinational companies and even established local companies fund their employees’ education. However, this is usually reserved for Masters and you must meet certain criteria to qualify.

If you have already completed your undergrad and are now looking into a Masters’ in the UK, consider working for a company that is known for supporting its employee’s higher education needs.

Are student loans the only thing you need to think about?

While focusing on student financing options is downright necessary, you also need to consider other factors. Funding isn’t the only thing international students have to grapple with. In fact, once you’re in the UK, it will reach the bottom of your list.

As someone who leaves their hometown behind, going back during the holidays is a massive part of the bigger picture. When winter vacations roll around, you’re going to be faced with a dilemma: return home to whisk your blues away or stay in the UK.

Needless to say, the UK is beautiful – it is rich in architecture, culture, and heritage. But none of these things come close to meeting your loved ones after a long time. However, moving back isn’t just about having enough money for a ticket.

Traditionally, students are required to leave their dorms over the holidays or pay for empty accommodation to keep the same spot. It’s no secret that international students can’t afford the latter. So then, your only option is to take all your belongings and move back home for the holidays, right? Think again!

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Verily, don’t become too occupied with the logistics of student finance only to forget about the things you’ll need to take care of once you’re in the UK.